Pokémon GO: Pervasive Gaming for Everybody

Photo by Traci Lawson
At the collective we’ve been active in playing the cities and the streets for many years. We’ve played games in public and have looked very awkward in doing so, at times. We’ve conducted festivals about and designed games for public play. And while the reception of those games has usually been great we never expected any game to become as visible in public space as Pokémon GO.

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Lyst on the Rocks

written by Ida Toft and Sabine Harrer

Soaked in love, smiles, and comfortably overstimulated, we returned from this year’s Lyst Summit and Game Jam. We noticed quickly that Lyst’s mission to “celebrate Love, Romance, and Sex in Games”, had caught on: These were some rather flirty, rousing  48 hours. In what follows, we’ll report from our experience as Lyst attendants, growing the little game Get Your Rocks On, while also growing more intimate as a team. One thing is to have fun at a game jam doing cool shit. Another thing is to do all that while spending that entire jam flirting, ping-ponging compliments, sensing the other people’s physical presence and building mutual trust. We used Lyst to do just that, and we can recommend it.


© Gemma Thomson/Ida Toft

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Going in Deaf: Post-Mortem of The First Roger Corman Jam


On a sunny spring afternoon in Copenhagen, a bunch of game makers got together to do something else. Something weird, unexpected, maybe scary. During the very First Roger Corman Jam we were handed a silenced 1-2 minute trailer by the legendary B-movie director and had four hours to rescore it. The day ended with a mini festival and shared dinner, where the trailers were shown and discussed.
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Nordic Game Indie Day and Night 2016


After six very successful editions of the Nordic Game Indie Night, it’s time to expand and shake things up a bit. We have showcased many wonderful Nordic indie games and thrown many great parties. Traditionally it has been a pre/party to Nordic Game, but this year we have evolved! For Nordic Game 2016 we have taken over Friday, to expand to a whole Nordic Game Indie Day. During the day there will be multiple tracks of indie focused talks and we will finish off Nordic Game, indie style, with an after party. Remember to check out the Indie Showcase in the Dining Hall all day. Read more »

NG16 Indie Sensation Award nominees

NG16 Indie Sensation Award nominees

(this post appeared first on nordicgame.com)

The biggest overall change to this year’s Nordic Game conference, 18-20 May, in Malmö, Sweden is that the popular Indie Night event has been expanded to an entire Indie Day & Showcase on 20 May, dedicated to the vibrant indie scene in the Nordic region and abroad.

Highlight of this new format is the Indie Sensation Award, handed to one of the eight indie games selected by Copenhagen Game Collective.

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Now that Nordic Game has announced the nominees, we would like to give some attention to the people who helped us make the tough decisions.

As we announced earlier, the Collective returns to Nordic Game bigger and better than ever, with Nordic Game Indie Day. The Indie Sensation award will be part of the Nordic Game awards yet again, and as always we got excellent help from our external curators. These people volunteered their time and attention to look at your games and help us make a selection for the showcase at the conference, as well as finalists for the Indie Sensation award.

Thanks to all of you, as well as the internal members of the Copenhagen Game Collective themselves. Read more »

ALL THE RAVE: Nordic Game Jam 2016 Pre-Party

NGJPP16-04-800px (1)

A party to get all you jammers in the mood for 48 hours of sitting in one place staring at a monitor.

This year it will be bigger than ever before and that’s why we are having it at Pumpehuset. There will be an arcade of the newest coolest indie games together with some nordic classics, and of course, crazy music as always. Read more »

OPEN CALL: 7th Annual Indie Showcase and Nordic Indie Day

Nordic Game Indie Night 2015. Photo credit Gemma Thompson

Nordic Game Indie Night 2015. Photo credit Gemma Thompson

We are pleased to announce the 7th Annual Indie Night Showcase, and the new Nordic Indie Day in collaboration with Nordic Game Conference.

That’s right, Nordic Indie Night has grown to a full Indie Day and we are looking forward to spending a whole day surrounded by inspiring games and people, having important discussions and creating a lot of fun!

Of course there will be a party!


The Indie Night showcase has been celebrating the variety of exciting indie projects from the Nordic region for the last 7 years, so if you have been working on something extraordinary lately we want to see it!

The Open Call is CLOSED! The deadline for submissions was 23:59 on the 1st April.

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If you have an idea for a talk, workshop or performance, we’ve extended our open call for Lyst – romance, love and sex in games, so you still have a chance to be part!

Open call – extended deadline

Come join us in Norway this summer!

2015 – A retrospect

At the end of every year, we look back at all the things we have accomplished. These ruminations can seem a bit self-fellating, but it is important to stop and take some time to reflect about the things you achieve. Otherwise, the fight to spread games as an artistic and accepted medium can seem like a hard and futile fight; so let’s look at where we stand.


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