Peter Molyneux and Dark Room Sex Game

“Whether or not you reach climax – that’s a very interesting thing” – Peter Molyneux.

At the Nordic Game Jam 2010 Doug had the chance to talk to Peter Molyneux about our erotic, no-graphics rhythm game Dark Room Sex Game.

Dark Room Sex Game was made with a purpose to embarrass and intimidate the players with its sex sounds, but it seems like Doug and Peter Molyneux got a little bit shy and embarrassed just by talking about the game. Can you imagine what could have happened if they had actually played the game at that point?

As Peter Molyneux mentioned, AAA titles have used explicit sexual scenes as a hidden level. Therefore, sex is no longer such a taboo in games. Still, Dark Room Sex Game, is a mind game that sets up strange social interactions and pushes players to imagine their own sexual experience while playing and looking at each other. This is why the game could be called “abusive,” i.e. it tries to embarrass players. Try it out and judge for yourself 🙂

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