Weekly Music Tip: Le Voyage

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Excellent new album from The Alps, on the ever-reliable Type Records. Samples and digital downloads here.

The Other Music review sums it up well:

A stunning tour de force of rustic Americana, dirty French psychedelics, and German Kraut buzz, instrumental trio the Alps manage to take the listener on an aural adventure, laidback yet expansive, living up to every facet of its ambitious title. […] Orchestral grandeur rubs up against pulsating rhythm beds, musique concrete sound collage mingles with psychedelic drone, and the entire record breathes with a cinematic air and a throbbing low-end that recalls the sensuality of Gainsbourg and Vannier, the creepy dread of Goblin, and the hazy pastoralist dreams of Popol Vuh.

The whole record is stellar, but for me the title track is the standout.

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