Puzzle Strike Pre-Orders

Puzzle Strike Pre-Orders

Pre-orders are open for Dave Sirlin’s upcoming board game, Puzzle Strike.

Lau and I are really excited for this one. The game seems like a clever mix between Dominion (if you don’t know Dominion, check out this comprehensive guide) and arcade favorite Puzzle Fighter. Like Puzzle Fighter, it’s got that same thrilling dynamic in which you’re at your strongest right when you’re closest to death.

You can check out the rules here.

Hell, I even dished out the cash for the Deluxe Version. The initial print run is limited, so there was no way I was going to miss out!

Sirlin is the perfect guy to design this type of game. He was the designer who re-balanced Puzzle Fighter and Super Street Fighter II Turbo for their XBLA re-releases. His article on the process of re-designing Puzzle Fighter remains my single favorite game design case study ever written… mostly because I’m obsessed with Puzzle Fighter, but still, it’s an absolute must-read if you’re an aspiring game developer. I also enthusiastically recommend his classic articles on multiplayer game balance.

It sounds like Sirlin is working on a number of other upcoming board games. Check out his web site.

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