Weekly Music Tip: Gwigwi Mrwebi

How ’bout that Siphiwe Tshabalala goal from Friday?! Phenomenal!

Well, I already talked about Abdullah Ibrahim earlier this week. So here’s some more South African jazz:

Gwigwi Mrwebi’s Mbaqanga Songs (originally known as Kwela), originally from 1967, was re-issued on the excellent Honest Jon’s imprint in 2006. Here’s some additional context from AllAboutJazz.com:

Mbaqanga saxophone jive is essentially group music—one band under a groove, never deviating far from the beat or the topline. Because it was instrumental, it was considered non-subversive by the apartheid regime, and was allowed to flourish on black radio—further proof of the stupidity of racists. It’s simple and unadorned, speaking equally to the heart and the feet. It makes you feel good to be alive […]

Exuberant danceable jazz, guaranteed to make you smile. Perfect listening for this year’s World Cup!

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