Weekly Music Tip: Light in August

While there’s still some days left in August…

As fate would have it, two of my favorite ambient releases from last year are both titled around the theme of the Light in August.

The first release, by composer Danny Norbury, is drop-dead gorgeous. Massive recommendation, my favorite album of 2009:

Read more about the album and purchase mp3s here.

Norbury has worked with some other top-notch ambient artists like the Boats and Library Tapes. If you like the material above, also make sure to check out his work with Le Lendemain, and his recent collaboration with Andrew Hargreaves.

The second release, Light in August, Later, by Japanese artist Aus, is a little more electronic in nature. But as Boomkat put it, the album could indeed be mistaken as an “unofficial sequel” of sorts:

Lovely stuff! Perfect listening as the summer quickly begins to fade away…

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