Back in June 2010 I wrote an angry blog post about my impressions of the Kinect I got from playing some of the launch titles at E3. Go read the post, I find it quite amusing. My overall conclusion was something like this:

People that defend Kinect by saying it is at least an interesting technology are wrong – it is not more interesting than a garbage bin. I can make a great game with a garbage bin and I guess I can also make a great game with Kinect. But drooling about technology brings us nowhere.

In the blog I go on urging Microsoft to let their development tools free and give small indie developers access to their hardware. I had lost hope in the big industry’s potential of delivering anything interesting for the Kinect.

Much has changed since then, me and my small company KnapNok Games have actually had an opportunity to prototype ideas and we have gotten some concrete hands on experiences with development for Kinect that I would like to share with you.


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