Street Arcade @ Distortion Program

Street Arcade @ Distortion Flyer

Thanks to all the backers that supported the Street Arcade @ Distortion on  We are happy and proud to see that there is a big interest and support for indie games in Copenhagen. Your support is our motivation for creating events and game initiatives in our city.

Here is an updated program of Street Arcade @ Distortion:

WHEN: June 1st 16:00-22:00 h

WHERE: Distortion Vesterbro (Sønder Boulevard near the Basketball Cage)

GAMES: B.U.T.T.O.N., Monkey See Monkey Mime, Ninja’s Don’t Shoot, Nidhogg Axe edition, Tennnes, Laza Knitez, Tims surprise art game, and more.

MUSIC: Skank Sound (Revealomatic and Kousin), Dines Selvig, Syltefar Selector.

Beers: *Cold* Ceres Royal Export. 1 can / 15kr. six-pack: 80kr. box (24cans): 250kr.

Cocktails by Magic Mike (w/ ice):
* Yoshi (Sours Apple, Bols Melon, Lime, Apple juice)
* Princess Peach (Southen Comfort, Bols Peach, limes, Cranberry juice)
* Creep (Sours Raspberry, bols Blue, Gin, Apple juice)


See you all Friday!

Big thanks to IT-University, Ludosity Interactive, IGDA Denmark, Knapnok Games, Dansk Spilråd, Unge Spiludvikler and Booomerang.



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Emil Østergaard
31/05/2012 at 09:52

Yeah, sounds good, but *when*?

Emil Østergaard
31/05/2012 at 09:53

nvm 🙂

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