We’re sure many of you have had this idea before, but we just went ahead and did it.

The Chain Jam, an online concept game jam where all games will be mashed into a bigger game, for 4 players, where the game keeps the score. After the jam, players will be able to sit down and play a selection of games made by developers from all over the world. The games don’t need to have any knowledge of each other, because the chain game keeps the score from each game as well as the current game. In the end it will tell you how well you did in each game and in total. Selections will be available based on geographical info, genre or whatever else makes sense. We hope this will give us one of the most colorful and diverse bundles of games, that we can just sit down and play without any hassle between switching games.

After the Chain Jam finishes, we’re not just planning to let it die. It’s our intention to bring it forward as art, design, game culture or whatever you want to call it, and bring it to people outside of the game scene to let them know that this is a thing that happens. Bring game jam culture to the masses! Set up installations with the chain game at events and festivals worldwide. That sounds ambitious, but we’ll try our best.

Anyway, be sure to check out the specifics of the Jam, and in less than a month you’ll be able to play it.

Here’s the main site of the Chain Jam, which will be updated continuously.