w00t 2014

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This years Play Festival: w00t is going to be blazingly fun. We are in the middle of organizing it and finding cool game designers and speakers to join us. Right now we need your games. If you have a game that could be played at w00t, please submit it to our open call here (deadline April 1st, so hurry).

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w00t w00t

The weekend has passed and so has the festival. We have had great response and a lot of fun running this festival. There were so many cool game talks people, boardgame people and cool game designers running their street games.


Festival area right before opening

I even had a friend not usually associating with games being there with his two little daughters having a lot of fun spying on people for speed guerilla gardening and creating hummingbirdmen. Great to see this kind of involvement too.

Image credit: Chad Toprak 2013 - mr-chad.com

Image credit: Chad Toprak 2013 – mr-chad.com

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LAZA KNITEZ!! – a Nordic Game Indie Night Retrospective!!

Tommy & Mads celebrate their unexpected win. (Photo by M. Skovgaard on behalf of Nordic Game)

Sup indies!  The deadline for submitting to Nordic Game Indie Night is less than a month away.  I’m Tommy, part of the team (plus Jonatan van Hove, Mads Johansen and Jonas Maaløe) that won the Nordic Indie Sensation award last year with our game LAZA KNITEZ!! and I’m here to tell you about the awesome time we had last year.  Once I’m done explaining what a bad ass opportunity Nordic Game Indie Night is, I’m sure you’ll have to be physically restrained from immediately polishing up your game and dashing off an application, so please harness yourself sufficiently before reading on. Read more »

Burglers ain’t gonna burgle us no more

Ohh noooo. Last week, some burglars went into Chassis Arcade, our favorite Arcade in Copenhagen (read: only arcade) and stole a lot of things. As we have written earlier, we really like this place. They have also been helpful with lending us machines for different events we have been hosting. Latest, the Nordic Game Jam’s pre-party, where we had the donkey kong arcade and Denmark’s best player, trying to beat the score. Good times :)

But these guys are having this arcade because it’s their passion. They are far from making huge amounts of money (it barely goes to zero). And now some idiots broke in and stole what little equipment they already had.

This is why they have made this danish “kickstarter” (caremaker). Give some money to the Red cross. Then after that, give a little to Chassis Arcade too. We need a little more gaming culture out there.

This is why we’re also going to Spelkultur i skåne‘s event tonight (Spelrum:Digital).  They are publicly funded organisation for advancing gaming culture in Skåne. They are doing a lot of cool stuff, so if you are in the Copenhagen/Skåne area, keep an eye out for them!

At their event tonight, they will collect money for the Chassis arcade, and in general play a lot of cool games! Our dear friend Nicklas Nygren is bringing his latest Game Jam game: Spaceship with a Mace (which got the most polished game award, but is also damn fun to play). We will be playing that on the Babycade (an arcade we made built into a baby carriage). We will also play our new party game MagnetizeMe there.

Go give some money to Chassis Arcade, or come and join us tonight at the event, and let’s have some fun :)

Volunteers for our party at Distortion

Summer is coming, and so is Distortion!

Last year we participated by just showing up and playing games, this year we are taking it up a notch as an official streethost throwing a big party.

At the party we will have all the elements that make up a great party. Cold beers, fun games, great music, happy people, and hopefully you!

A party at Distortion is a big thing and takes a lot of work, therefore we are looking for volunteers that would like to help out. The party will be held on Sønder Boulevard, Vesterbro, Friday June 1st from 5pm to 11pm.

We will have an info meeting for interested on Monday May 7th 6pm-7pm. It will be held at Pilestræde 43, 3rd floor (Art of Crime), Map. If you are not able to show up, please send us an email (volunteer@cphgc.org) if you are interested in helping out anyway.

If you know of anybody that might be interested, please invite them for the info meeting.

What we need help with is:

  • Detailed planning of the party
  • Bartenders
  • Runners
  • Help for setting up games.
  • Help for running the games during the night.
  • Packing up after the event.
  • If you have your own idea for inclusion

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us on volunteer@cphgc.org.

Living Room by Recoil Performance Group

Last week a few of us went to see Recoil performance group’s new performance: Living Room. We’ve also seen their previous performances such as Fuck You Buddy and we will continue to follow them in the future.

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Cool stuff in Copenhagen

Last week some of us were at a couple of events that gave us the feeling that Copenhagen is a cool and thriving city in regard to indie games and interactive installations.  It also gave us renewed energy and motivation to create our own events to further expand the game culture and to have some interesting and different parties.

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Nordic Game Jam Pre-Party 2012

Nordic Game Jam Pre-Party


Nordic Game Jam is coming up really soon and we will, as always host a pre-party the day before.


Because you never have time to socialize during the jam. Use the pre-party to meet new people, hang out with old friends and get yourself pumped for the upcoming jam.

Where and when?

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This photo, by Martin "grapefrukt" Jonasson, is especially fun because I'm there, blurry in the background, giving a giant ol' thumbs up!

Last month I threw my third annual July 4th BBQ here in Copenhagen. This year, we were joined by my friend Heather (a fellow token American here in Scandinavia!) as well as Swedish indie peeps Christoffer, Martin, and Erik.

Combining the best of American and Danish cuisines, we invented “s’morebrød” – an open-faced s’more inspired by Denmark’s famous smørrebrød. Suffice to say, it was a big hit.

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Arcade Boat 2011

Together with Illutron (formerly known as Half Machine), we’re throwing a Spring party!

What: Merriment and local hand-crafted indie games
Who: Us, the Copenhagen Game Collective!
Where: Illutron, Alliancevej, Teglholmens Østkaj 43, Copenhagen (map here)
When: Saturday, May 14, 4pm till late

Why? Because the only thing better than playing videogames is playing them on a BOAT!

Facebook event page here.

Over the last year, we’ve had the opportunity to showcase our games all around Europe and North America. Now, we’d like to throw an exhibition here at home, to party with our home crowd and to show Copenhagen what we’ve been working on.

We’re teaming up with Illutron, a “collaborative interactive art studio” based on a big ol’ barge in the Copenhagen South Harbor at Teglholmen. Formerly known as “Half Machine,” Illutron throws some of the best exhibitions and parties in Copenhagen. We’re very excited to join forces!

Don’t worry, the ship is anchored by shore, so you’re free to come and go whenever you like. Yes, it’s all the way down in Sydhavn, but it will certainly be worth the bike/train ride. Get directions here.

We’ll be showing B.U.T.T.O.N., Where Is My Heart, Johann Sebastian Joust!, Monkey See Monkey Mime, and more. As far as I’m aware, this will be the very first public demo of the soon-to-be-finished Where Is My Heart build. Awesome!

And who knows, we might even bust out some crazy folk games!

Make sure to bring cash if you want to buy beer. Or feel free to bring your own booze. Weather permitting, we may also set up some grills, so feel free to bring your own grillables/dinner too.

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