2015 – A retrospect

At the end of every year, we look back at all the things we have accomplished. These ruminations can seem a bit self-fellating, but it is important to stop and take some time to reflect about the things you achieve. Otherwise, the fight to spread games as an artistic and accepted medium can seem like a hard and futile fight; so let’s look at where we stand.


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Stop and PLAY


We often forget to look around in the cities we live in because we are too preoccupied with our errands. We just transfer from A to B, not looking around, absorbed in our minds or mobile phones. It is only when we come to a new exciting place that our sense of exploration awakens. Suddenly everything is new and interesting. This happens often when we go for a vacation and explore a new city with its mysterious crooks and nooks, different smells and colours. The good news is that it is not necessary to go to Berlin or New York to explore something new. It is enough to just slow down and look around.

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Lyst – a symposium and game jam celebrating Love, Romance and Sex in Games

Thinking back at Lyst now, I can’t say anything else than it was really amazing. I can’t think of one thing that was not great! On so many levels: Speakers, food, people, games… It was the first time for someone from Copenhagen Game Collective and Game Girl Workshop to come together and organize something like this, and we were quite nervous. Especially taking the topics into account: Romance, love and sex in games. It felt like so many things could go wrong, on so many levels.


Patrick Jarnfelt from CphGC and I, Andrea Hasselager from Game Girl Workshop first started collaborating on the iPad game Moontide (still in production), an abstract game that emotionally follows the female cycle. We quickly found out that we were a dynamic duo, and when Patrick told me about the idea that had been circulating around Copenhagen Game Collective for a while: A game jam about relationships emotions, and sex, I was like ’Let’s do it!’ CGC had been a bit hesitant about doing it, because of it being sensitive topics and stepping into the (important) and ongoing discussions in the games industry, right now. I guess our conclusion was: Yea, we will probably make mistakes, but if you don’t start somewhere, you will never start. Read more »

Lyst Summit on 6-8th of June

We have created a summit that celebrates Romance, Love and Sex in games, called Lyst Summit. There will be a full day conference on the subject with inspiring speakers followed by a game jam that focusses only on these subjects. The whole thing will be held from the 6-8th of June.

We feel that ‘Lyst’ is a great name for what we want to do, since it means lust, but also desire or “wanting”. You would for instance say: “har du lyst til …”, which translates to “do you want to …” and it also means Light. Light, because we don’t want to “do it” in the dark 😉


As you might know, we here at the collective, like to create and play experimental games. Games that push the boundaries of what is regarded as normal subjects for games is our life force. Ever since we created a physical erotic rhythm game (Dark Room Sex Game), themes like romance, gender, sexuality, sex and eroticism in games have captivated us. If not only for the potential of engaging with these subjects, then for the challenge of creating something meaningful with them. We have previously analysed games with erotic content and have written about it on this blog. Good examples that touched upon these topics were few and far apart, so we ended our Erotic Game Tip on the blog, but the passion for it never died.

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Oculus VR Jam Playtest Hub @ Copenhagen Game Collective

Copenhagen Game Collective loves virtual reality.
Copenhagen Game Collective loves game jams.
Copenhagen Game Collective loves IndieCade.

Terminal Velocity

IndieCade and Oculus have just started their VR jam, long-format, worldwide game jam, and we are in it helping out as a Playtest Hub in Copenhagen.

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The Collective at Roskilde Festival

This year we’re going to Roskilde Festival to have fun and show some games.

We are going to show some of our games, while some of us are helping Invisible Playground with one of their more physical installation piece games; Giant Starfish Kraken, while some of us are helping out Die gute Fabrik of JS Joust fame with their games and installations (they have a game you play on trampolines!). We are looking forward to seeing the babycade being utilised for what it was intended and to show are physical games on it, together with some local multiplayer games. We are also showing our award winning “art game” Ervax to the festival audience. Going from high brow art exhibition to Roskilde Festival is going to be an interesting shift.

Besides our own games, we are also guest showcasing one of the Nordic Game Indie finalists’ local multiplayer game; the ever so funny Stikbold, which will be playable on the babycade with flying whale and all!

Where are all these shenanigans, you ask? Well, look for Game City, we will be in, and around that area.
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w00t w00t

The weekend has passed and so has the festival. We have had great response and a lot of fun running this festival. There were so many cool game talks people, boardgame people and cool game designers running their street games.


Festival area right before opening

I even had a friend not usually associating with games being there with his two little daughters having a lot of fun spying on people for speed guerilla gardening and creating hummingbirdmen. Great to see this kind of involvement too.

Image credit: Chad Toprak 2013 - mr-chad.com

Image credit: Chad Toprak 2013 – mr-chad.com

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Playing with magnets – Magnetize Me

Not so long ago, most of us went to The Exile Game Jam. Well, we were hosting it after all. It is the bestest game jam of them all. I had brought some whiskey, a western board/card game (Bang!) and some magnets (yes, ol’ school magnets) and was all set. I wanted to create a game around at least one of those items (and at least use one of them for the idea generation. Whiskey proved to be good for that!). I was in a great group together with Amani Naseem, and we didn’t just end up making one game, we made two. One of them was fun, the other one was seriously fun! Here is a little preliminary video of the seriously fun game:

I had recently found out that the Playstation Move Controllers have a magnetometer in them! In other words: PS Move Controllers can detect magnetic fields.

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Exile Game Jam Fall 2012

Poster courtesy of Pernille Sihm

Many of us at the Game Collective are going to and hosting this Game Jam. We think that it is a great way to realize and to form ideas as well as socialize and build networks. It was at the last exile game jam that we developed Idiots attack the Top Noodle together with many other silly Kinect games (like Bitchslap and Ninjas don’t shoot). This is also where Tim Garbos developed his beautiful and weird game jam-winning photon boy  game.

Social game jam and playing/making party games (Wednesday)
More Game Jam (Thursday – Saturday)
Loads of social and physical folk games
Presentation and casual award show
Final Party
Presentation of some game developers current projects.

At the beautiful old folk highscool Vallekilde (Højskole), Denmark

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Volunteers for our party at Distortion

Summer is coming, and so is Distortion!

Last year we participated by just showing up and playing games, this year we are taking it up a notch as an official streethost throwing a big party.

At the party we will have all the elements that make up a great party. Cold beers, fun games, great music, happy people, and hopefully you!

A party at Distortion is a big thing and takes a lot of work, therefore we are looking for volunteers that would like to help out. The party will be held on Sønder Boulevard, Vesterbro, Friday June 1st from 5pm to 11pm.

We will have an info meeting for interested on Monday May 7th 6pm-7pm. It will be held at Pilestræde 43, 3rd floor (Art of Crime), Map. If you are not able to show up, please send us an email (volunteer@cphgc.org) if you are interested in helping out anyway.

If you know of anybody that might be interested, please invite them for the info meeting.

What we need help with is:

  • Detailed planning of the party
  • Bartenders
  • Runners
  • Help for setting up games.
  • Help for running the games during the night.
  • Packing up after the event.
  • If you have your own idea for inclusion

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us on volunteer@cphgc.org.