2013 – a retrospect


When I look back at 2013 I lose my breath. It has been a tremendously great year for us. Not in the sense of releasing professional games (albeit some of us have had some success in our companies with that. Read: KnapNok Games’ Spin the bottle and Cloud Chamber). But more in the sense of building community and experimenting with games and last but not least, just getting new experiences and meeting new people. Read more »

Burglers ain’t gonna burgle us no more

Ohh noooo. Last week, some burglars went into Chassis Arcade, our favorite Arcade in Copenhagen (read: only arcade) and stole a lot of things. As we have written earlier, we really like this place. They have also been helpful with lending us machines for different events we have been hosting. Latest, the Nordic Game Jam’s pre-party, where we had the donkey kong arcade and Denmark’s best player, trying to beat the score. Good times :)

But these guys are having this arcade because it’s their passion. They are far from making huge amounts of money (it barely goes to zero). And now some idiots broke in and stole what little equipment they already had.

This is why they have made this danish “kickstarter” (caremaker). Give some money to the Red cross. Then after that, give a little to Chassis Arcade too. We need a little more gaming culture out there.

This is why we’re also going to Spelkultur i skåne‘s event tonight (Spelrum:Digital).  They are publicly funded organisation for advancing gaming culture in Skåne. They are doing a lot of cool stuff, so if you are in the Copenhagen/Skåne area, keep an eye out for them!

At their event tonight, they will collect money for the Chassis arcade, and in general play a lot of cool games! Our dear friend Nicklas Nygren is bringing his latest Game Jam game: Spaceship with a Mace (which got the most polished game award, but is also damn fun to play). We will be playing that on the Babycade (an arcade we made built into a baby carriage). We will also play our new party game MagnetizeMe there.

Go give some money to Chassis Arcade, or come and join us tonight at the event, and let’s have some fun :)

Indie Summet, Slowmo Showdown and Drinking games @ GDC Europe

GDC Europe is coming up and it is increasingly becoming a goto event for European Indies. Here is a highlight of what I’m up to:

  • Wednesday, August 15th 09:30 – 17:00: Independent Games Summit
  • Wednesday, August 15th 21:00 – : Nordic Party (with showcase of my new Kinect Game)
  • Thursday, August 16th: Independent Drinking Games Association meeting!

Read more about the events after the break.

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Nordic Game Indie Night Summit

We are super excited to announce the Nordic Game Indie Night Summit. Every year we have invited the developers of the finalist games to do short presentations, which has led to wonderful and colorful talks. The sessions has always been a favorite of the audience. This is why we have expanded the talking and discussing part of Nordic Game Indie Night into a regular indie night summit.

Nordic Game Indie Night kicks off the Nordic Game Conference, and it will take place Wednesday 23 May from 18.00 at Slagthuset, Malmö. The summit runs from 19.00 – 21.00 and from 21.00 there will be partying and drinking. The selected finalist games can be played all night. The evening is free and open to the public!

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Exile Game Jam

A lot of us are going to the Exile Game Jam and would like to invite friends to come and jam with us. It’s a super cozy location and it’s more about people, play and experimentation than it’s about competitive game development.

Last year we worked on a few Kinect prototypes and a social family iPad game (that I hope to release soon). Our friend Nicklass (Nifflas) worked on The Big Sea (http://nifflas.ni2.se/?page=Miscellaneous) that turned out quite nice (way too difficult for me though).

The entry fee includes some really great food covering all the meals as well as coffee and cake every day. The place got a really nice living room with a fireplace, a sauna, and other cozy places.

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Living Room by Recoil Performance Group

Last week a few of us went to see Recoil performance group’s new performance: Living Room. We’ve also seen their previous performances such as Fuck You Buddy and we will continue to follow them in the future.

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The wild rumpus #2 and Monkey See, Monkey Mime

Tomorrow; Thursday 2nd February 2012, a – to put it in their own words – unique nights out of crazy, exuberant, social and sometimes physical gameplay is happening in East London. I, of course, am talking about the Wild Rumpus. If you are in the neighborhood, please feel free to check it out, since it is free and some interesting games are being showcased there.

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