Going in Deaf: Post-Mortem of The First Roger Corman Jam


On a sunny spring afternoon in Copenhagen, a bunch of game makers got together to do something else. Something weird, unexpected, maybe scary. During the very First Roger Corman Jam we were handed a silenced 1-2 minute trailer by the legendary B-movie director and had four hours to rescore it. The day ended with a mini festival and shared dinner, where the trailers were shown and discussed.
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A Social Active Game Experience

Our friend Adam Henriksson at the Umeå Institute of Design is writing/making a thesis project about social interaction in games. He actually flew all the way down to Copenhagen for our Arcade Boat party to shoot some footage.

This week he edited this beautiful two-minute trailer! So inspiring, we’re so honored to be a part of it. Give it a watch:

And congrats to Adam, who apparently just won a “best project” award for the thesis! Well deserved.

Pixels by Patrick Jean

Great video about 8-bit pixel creatures invading New York.

Man on Wire

Hello from beautiful Vancouver, Canada!

On the plane ride over here (thank you KLM), I finally caught Man on Wire, a documentary about Philippe Petit’s legendary (and illegal) 1974 stunt where he tightrope-walked between the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers:

The film is a must-see! It’s absolutely spell-binding – all the excitement of a good heist flick (e.g. Oceans 11), mixed with a fascinating portrait of Petit and his reverence for life on the edge of life.

What I never appreciated until seeing the film is the sheer beauty of Petit’s feat. I had always written it off as an impressive (albeit pathological) publicity stunt. But now I can see that it was so much more – surely one of the greatest performance art pieces of its time.

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Weekly Music Tip, April 25 2010: Cinematic Orchestra’s LateNightTales

Cinematic Orchestra’s LateNightTales mix, released just this month, is an absolute must-listen:

Both the track selection and the transitions are stellar. How does one seamlessly mix FlyLo, Wayne Henderson, Nick Drake, Burt Bacharach, Bjork, Thom Yorke, St Germain, and Burial? I don’t know, but Cinematic Orchestra manages to pull it off.

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