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  • Nikola’s Nightmare

    Quick note on an event for you if you’re in Copenhagen and have time Thursday night: Anders Monrad, composer, and I (Simon Nielsen, game artist and visualist), will be presenting a game on stage at Litteraturhaus, Nørrebro.

  • 5 Minute MMORPG lives on!

    Seemingly out of the blue, Kotaku posted about 5 Minute MMORPG today. The publicity comes as a pleasant surprise because we actually haven’t thought much about the project in over a year. Just goes to show, sometimes you need to have a little patience. The best part of all the recent coverage is that there’s…

  • Nordic Game Jam 2010 sign-up is open!

    The Nordic Game Jam (NGJ) is a fantastic event that is very well known to many Nordic game developers. At this event,  students, professionals, hobbyists and a new generation of game developers meet and work together on games. The NGJ is all about creativity, experimentation, fun, crunching under pressure, socializing and networking.

  • Half-Minute Hero

    At the Nordic Game Jam this past year, one of the constraints was that the game take only five minutes. We decided to run with that constraint by choosing the genre least likely to make sense in such a time frame – the MMORPG. It was an obvious joke, but still a fun one. Thus…