Lyst Summit on 6-8th of June

We have created a summit that celebrates Romance, Love and Sex in games, called Lyst Summit. There will be a full day conference on the subject with inspiring speakers followed by a game jam that focusses only on these subjects. The whole thing will be held from the 6-8th of June.

We feel that ‘Lyst’ is a great name for what we want to do, since it means lust, but also desire or “wanting”. You would for instance say: “har du lyst til …”, which translates to “do you want to …” and it also means Light. Light, because we don’t want to “do it” in the dark ;)


As you might know, we here at the collective, like to create and play experimental games. Games that push the boundaries of what is regarded as normal subjects for games is our life force. Ever since we created a physical erotic rhythm game (Dark Room Sex Game), themes like romance, gender, sexuality, sex and eroticism in games have captivated us. If not only for the potential of engaging with these subjects, then for the challenge of creating something meaningful with them. We have previously analysed games with erotic content and have written about it on this blog. Good examples that touched upon these topics were few and far apart, so we ended our Erotic Game Tip on the blog, but the passion for it never died.

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2013 – a retrospect


When I look back at 2013 I lose my breath. It has been a tremendously great year for us. Not in the sense of releasing professional games (albeit some of us have had some success in our companies with that. Read: KnapNok Games’ Spin the bottle and Cloud Chamber). But more in the sense of building community and experimenting with games and last but not least, just getting new experiences and meeting new people. Read more »

The Collective at Roskilde Festival

This year we’re going to Roskilde Festival to have fun and show some games.

We are going to show some of our games, while some of us are helping Invisible Playground with one of their more physical installation piece games; Giant Starfish Kraken, while some of us are helping out Die gute Fabrik of JS Joust fame with their games and installations (they have a game you play on trampolines!). We are looking forward to seeing the babycade being utilised for what it was intended and to show are physical games on it, together with some local multiplayer games. We are also showing our award winning “art game” Ervax to the festival audience. Going from high brow art exhibition to Roskilde Festival is going to be an interesting shift.

Besides our own games, we are also guest showcasing one of the Nordic Game Indie finalists’ local multiplayer game; the ever so funny Stikbold, which will be playable on the babycade with flying whale and all!

Where are all these shenanigans, you ask? Well, look for Game City, we will be in, and around that area.
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Excessive stimulation: GO NUTS!! at Wild Rumpus.

Almost 2 months ago, one of my games was selected for the Wild Rumpus party in London. I was lucky enough to be able to attend, and it was everything I had hoped for. I consider myself a rookie in the Copenhagen game scene, not to mention globally, and I only found out about Wild Rumpus a year ago. For those of you who have no idea:

The Wild Rumpus brings together the best of indie mutliplayer videogames for the most unique events of crazy, exuberant, social and sometimes physical gameplay. Our games line ups turn conventional videogame culture on its head. Closer in spirit to party, playground, or even drinking games, these are all games that you can’t play at home on your own. So come along and LET THE WILD RUMPUS START! –

When we made LAZA KNITEZ!!, we designed our video game to mimick some of the affordances of a foosball table, where the social situation and space are a key part of what makes the game compelling for a broad audience. Then when we built the Buttfighter, we asked ourselves: Can we get players of our game to stand around our video game in a public space, and can we get other people to pay attention to it?” This being our first video game, we started Googling so hard we almost poked a hole in the back of the internet. What we found was an emerging scene of independent developers feeling the same vibes. The Wild Rumpus seemed to be years ahead of anything else in terms of bringing these types of games to actual people, which is what they were intended for. They lift the burden of finding a space for people like you and me to go, where we can, at least for one night, pick up a controller and play a game of Samurai Gunn instead of a round of darts or foosball.

Not only do they provide you with the space, they do a marvelous job of curating and selecting games based on their accessibility, innovation, spectatorship, and the likelihood you’ll end up craving more.

Wild Rumpus – On a F**king Boat from Niall Henn on Vimeo.

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NGIN 2013 Finalists

We are happy to announce this years finalists for the Nordic Game Indie Night Showcase. Our jury of Copenhagen Game Collective members, as well as previous finalists have selected eight games representing the breadth and quality of the Nordic Indie Scene:

Badland, By Frogmind [Finland]

Clairvoyance, By Erik Svedang, Johannes Gotlen, Niklas Akerblad and Oscar Rydelious [Sweden]

Flowstorm, By Neat Corporation [Sweden]

The Mission, By Xavier V Lafont, [Denmark]

The Plan, By Krillbite Studio, [Norway]

Rymdkapsel, By Grapefrukt Games, [Sweden]

The Silent Age, By House on Fire [Denmark]

Stikbold, By Team Stikbold, [Denmark]

The eight selected games will be showcased Wednesday May 22nd from 18.00 at Slagthuset, Malmö. The evening is free and open to the public and will features inspirational and experimental speakers and party all night. We will release more information about the program for the evening in the following weeks, stay tuned.

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ERVAX for 2 nominated for A MAZE!

So, our little game / compositional tool ERVAX for 2 has been nominated for the Most Amazing Indie Game of 2013. We are, of course, very honoured and find it a bit daunting to see the quality and scope of the other nominees.

The competition

Before this, I only knew of three of the other nominees. I’ve played (and bought) Dear Esther and was vaguely aware that David Kanaga (of Proteus fame) had been working on some MIDI-hardware controlled project. And I’ve played Space Team once, when I happened to be in a room with enough iDevices.

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LAZA KNITEZ!! – a Nordic Game Indie Night Retrospective!!

Tommy & Mads celebrate their unexpected win. (Photo by M. Skovgaard on behalf of Nordic Game)

Sup indies!  The deadline for submitting to Nordic Game Indie Night is less than a month away.  I’m Tommy, part of the team (plus Jonatan van Hove, Mads Johansen and Jonas Maaløe) that won the Nordic Indie Sensation award last year with our game LAZA KNITEZ!! and I’m here to tell you about the awesome time we had last year.  Once I’m done explaining what a bad ass opportunity Nordic Game Indie Night is, I’m sure you’ll have to be physically restrained from immediately polishing up your game and dashing off an application, so please harness yourself sufficiently before reading on. Read more »

Exile Game Jam Fall 2012

Poster courtesy of Pernille Sihm

Many of us at the Game Collective are going to and hosting this Game Jam. We think that it is a great way to realize and to form ideas as well as socialize and build networks. It was at the last exile game jam that we developed Idiots attack the Top Noodle together with many other silly Kinect games (like Bitchslap and Ninjas don’t shoot). This is also where Tim Garbos developed his beautiful and weird game jam-winning photon boy  game.

Social game jam and playing/making party games (Wednesday)
More Game Jam (Thursday – Saturday)
Loads of social and physical folk games
Presentation and casual award show
Final Party
Presentation of some game developers current projects.

At the beautiful old folk highscool Vallekilde (Højskole), Denmark

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Erotic Game Tip: Fingle

Lau and Sebbe playing fingle

Lau and Sebbe having fun with our new favorite “erotic” game.

At one point in the collectives history we were quite keen on erotic games. Ever since some of us created the Dark Room Sex Game we saw the potential for intimate, sensual and erotic content as an interesting mechanic for social interaction in games. However most erotic games are in fact not erotic, but are with blatant graphics, feels like adolescent pandering and mostly fall into the “nerdy teenager appreciation” category. This became evident when we did research in this area for content we could use in our – at the time – bi-weekly erotic game tip. The goal was to give a tip about some interesting or novel ways erotic themes had been used in games, every other week. However, as I mentioned, there just was not enough content to do so. So we quickly abandoned this idea.  But that shouldn’t stop us from giving a tip of our hat to a studio for actually creating a game in this area that accomplishes the goal of being “erotic”, when we encounter one.

The game I am talking about is called Fingle and the company behind it; Game Oven Studio. They do not promote it as an erotic game per se. However, it is evident after playing the game and talking to Bojan Endrovski, one of the creators behind it, that intimacy plays a huge role in the game. At the nordic game jam Bojan was giving a lecture about his game and at the pre-party for the game jam, which the collective held, we got to play his game with him and talk to him a bit about the game.

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Nordic Game Indie Night Summit

We are super excited to announce the Nordic Game Indie Night Summit. Every year we have invited the developers of the finalist games to do short presentations, which has led to wonderful and colorful talks. The sessions has always been a favorite of the audience. This is why we have expanded the talking and discussing part of Nordic Game Indie Night into a regular indie night summit.

Nordic Game Indie Night kicks off the Nordic Game Conference, and it will take place Wednesday 23 May from 18.00 at Slagthuset, Malmö. The summit runs from 19.00 – 21.00 and from 21.00 there will be partying and drinking. The selected finalist games can be played all night. The evening is free and open to the public!

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