Erotic Game Tip: Adult Interactive Fiction

Having designed erotic games ourselves, some of us at the office have a healthy interest in erotic game design.

In this biweekly column, we will show a selection of what we pass around at the office – adult games that are interesting, hilarious, or arousing. If you in any way feel offended by erotic images or text, you may not want to read these posts.

>ask veronica about herself

You gape at her in astonishment. “Surely, it isn’t so bad. You’re beautiful and wealthy, what do you have to want for?”

“And what have they gotten for me? A decrepit old husband and a life of needlepoint. If I am lucky, Lorenzo will manage enough stamina for me to give him an heir to raise.” Veronica sighs. “Do not envy my life.”

>ask veronica about lorenzo

“How did a beautiful woman like you get married to an old fossil like Lorenzo Gritti?” you ask.

Lady Veronica sighs. “This is Venice, and for a woman of my status, marriage is a matter of state. My parents were wealthy enough to give me a large dowry, so I had to get married to a man of similar wealth … regardless of his age.”

The game I will write about today is a short piece of adult interactive fiction called A Lady in Waiting, by Knight Errant. Set in renaissance Venice, the game tells the story of a humble merchant seducing Lord Lorenzo’s beautiful wife, Veronica.

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