If you have an idea for a talk, workshop or performance, we’ve extended our open call for Lyst – romance, love and sex in games, so you still have a chance to be part!

Open call – extended deadline

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What motion control game development can teach us about Virtual Reality

Hi my name is Lau Korsgaard. I am a game designer involved with the Copenhagen Game Collective. Through the last five years I have been part of teams and projects that explored a wide range of the new interfaces for games, such as Wii Remotes, Balance Board, Dance Pad, Move Controllers, Kinect, Buzz buttons and heck, even our own custom hardware. This August I participated in IndieCade and Oculus Rift’s VRjam together with Sebbe Selvig and Simon Nielsen making the game Virtual Internet Hacker VR that took the first price and a 10,000 $ check among the invited developers. I would argue that lesson learned from years of development for motion controls can help us a lot in understanding development for virtual reality. I wouldn’t say that this perspective is the only way to make good virtual reality games, but I hope it will help nuance game developers understanding of what virtual reality can and cannot do.

Bring VR to Reality

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CLICK festival – Workshops

We love experimenting with new ways of thinking about games and we do it often. Now we want to introduce our methodology to the world. That is why we in collaboration with Click festival have created 4 different workshops. Workshops where we play around with technology to create new kinds of interfaces for games. The click festival is in Kulturværftet in Helsingør.

Our workshops are: Using Node.js on Thursday 9th May 14-20h, Hardware Jam on Friday 10th May 12-19h, Circuit Bending also on Friday 10th May 12-19h, and then finishing off with a Mini Game Jam on Saturday 11th may 12-19h.

image: – Merlin Nadj-Torma –

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Exile Game Jam Fall 2012

Poster courtesy of Pernille Sihm

Many of us at the Game Collective are going to and hosting this Game Jam. We think that it is a great way to realize and to form ideas as well as socialize and build networks. It was at the last exile game jam that we developed Idiots attack the Top Noodle together with many other silly Kinect games (like Bitchslap and Ninjas don’t shoot). This is also where Tim Garbos developed his beautiful and weird game jam-winning photon boy  game.

Social game jam and playing/making party games (Wednesday)
More Game Jam (Thursday – Saturday)
Loads of social and physical folk games
Presentation and casual award show
Final Party
Presentation of some game developers current projects.

At the beautiful old folk highscool Vallekilde (Højskole), Denmark

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Urban Games Festivals; Puddle Peddler and the Idiot’s game

Last weekend we were at the PlayPublik festival in Berlin, hosted by the amazing Invisible Playground. It was a blast, and we got to showcase a new version of Idiots attack the Top Noodle! We also tried to showcase one of our new creations: The Puddle Peddler. I say “tried” because we just could not get it running. Like with any other technology; when you add layers of complexity, the risk of failure increases. But though we didn’t get to showcase it at this Festival, we are making it ‘sturdier’ for the next. Still, read the concept description; it’s quite an interesting game.
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