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  • Weekly Music Tip: Emeralds

    Massive recommendation on the Emeralds’ new full-length, Does It Look Like I’m Here?. Here’s my favorite track: Boomkat nails it: We’re only 2 minutes into the cascading arpeggios and pastoral guitars of ‘Candy Shoppe’ before they hit us with the first pivotal bliss surge. It’s these moments that define their sound and reflect the comparison…

  • Weekly Music Tip, May 26 2010: Chip Tuned Rockman

    Another must-listen! Mega Man remixes, from a variety of top-notch 8-bit artists: I listen to a lot of videogame music, but this album is a shining standout. Just perfect – certainly some of the best videogame music remixes I’ve ever heard. The list of remixers features some world renown chip tune artists, as well as…

  • Weekly Music Tip, May 19 2010: Lusine

    And here’s another music tip – this time from a local Seattle artist, Jeff McIlwain, aka Lusine. Accessible, top-quality electronica. Here’s an official video off his 2009 album, A Certain Distance: Man, Ghostly International has been putting out some great stuff recently!

  • Seattle, Plaid, and CPH Game Collective

    Hello from Seattle! Being here sure is a trip down memory lane! I’ve been busy reminiscin’ all week, and I’m burning to share this Plaid tune:

  • Weekly Music Tip, May 9 2010: The Dodos

    And here’s some perfect music for a sunny Spring day out in the clean mountain air: The Dodos are a big favorite in the Copenhagen Game Collective office! The band is based in San Francisco.

  • Weekly Music Tip, May 9 2010: Trans Canada Highway

    Happy Mother’s Day! Apropos of my trip to beautiful British Columbia, I couldn’t resist posting something from Boards of Canada, a band that’s been a major influence on some of us here in the collective. Here’s the breath-taking music video for “Dayvan Cowboy,” as featured on their 2006 EP, Trans Canada Highway, as well as…

  • Weekly Music Tip, May 2 2010: Noby Noby Boy OST!

    The Noby Noby Boy OST was finally released to iTunes this past week! Noby Noby Boy was my very favorite “game”  of 2009 – in no small part because of the music. On the surface of things, the game is very lighthearted and chaotic. Indeed, inflicting chaos on tiny digital worlds is the entire point.…

  • Kometen

    Our friend Erik Svedäng just announced his upcoming iPhone game, Kometen: Looks fantastic. And what a classy trailer! I particularly dig the music – apparently by Erik’s collaborator, Niklas Åkerblad.

  • Weekly Music Tip, April 25 2010: Cinematic Orchestra’s LateNightTales

    Cinematic Orchestra’s LateNightTales mix, released just this month, is an absolute must-listen: Both the track selection and the transitions are stellar. How does one seamlessly mix FlyLo, Wayne Henderson, Nick Drake, Burt Bacharach, Bjork, Thom Yorke, St Germain, and Burial? I don’t know, but Cinematic Orchestra manages to pull it off.

  • Weekly Music Tip, April 18 2010: Charanjit Singh

    The record that has everybody talking – proto-techno time-warp from 1982… from India?!?! If the story behind the record is indeed true, then this must surely be the crate digging discovery of the decade. The record predates the first acid house tracks by half a decade, challenging the standard Western-centric history of electronic music. Still,…