The Lyst Summit meets Arse Elektronika.

Arse Elektronika 2015: SHOOT YOUR WORKLOAD

Arse Elektronika. A festival about sex and tech. What to expect? Arse Elektronika has a long history of presenting objects/toys/games and gathering professionals that work in the sex/tech industry. Many things presented at Arse have at first seemed quite novel, but have then later become mainstream, as this year’s Arse winner probably will too (more later). Past Arse conferences has each year focused on different topics within sex and tech.
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Lyst Open Call


We are pleased to announce the Lyst Summit 2015, the 2th annual Summit about Romance, Love and Sex in games. We have now created a network of groups and individuals that will help os make the Summit a reality for the next 3 years. The next summit will happen in Helsinki in  5-7th of June 2015.

Read more about Lyst in our previous blog post or on


If you think you have something that would fit our summit or something on your chest, we invite you to submit a proposal in our open call.

We can provide travel (inside Europe), accommodation and a bit of per diem for our speakers and all speakers are more than welcome to stay for the whole duration of the summit and participate in the Game Jam.

Deadline for submissions is 23:59 CET on the 6th of April.

More detailed program of the event will be announced later. (For further updates; watch this blog, check the webpage or follow us on Facebook).

Any other questions? Send us an email:

Please submit now :)

Urban Games Festivals; Puddle Peddler and the Idiot’s game

Last weekend we were at the PlayPublik festival in Berlin, hosted by the amazing Invisible Playground. It was a blast, and we got to showcase a new version of Idiots attack the Top Noodle! We also tried to showcase one of our new creations: The Puddle Peddler. I say “tried” because we just could not get it running. Like with any other technology; when you add layers of complexity, the risk of failure increases. But though we didn’t get to showcase it at this Festival, we are making it ‘sturdier’ for the next. Still, read the concept description; it’s quite an interesting game.
[galleryview id=24]

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We’re co-throwing a big party in Hilversum, Holland next week, as a part of the DiGRA conference!

There will lots of music and games, including a live performance by legendary turntablist/illustrator Kid Koala. Awesome! And we’ll be exhibiting five of our own party games, including a public debut of two new games – Egg Party and Pillow Time.

More info here.

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2nd Annual Post-IndieCade Camping Trip!

Indies goin' camping in 2010! Photo by our friend Hamza.

What: Indie camping trip!
When: October 10-11, right after IndieCade 2011
Channel Islands National Park

Last year, right after IndieCade, I led an overnight camping trip to Southern California’s Channel Islands National Park. It was a blast! There were dolphins, foothill hikes, beach frisbee, and even a few swims.

I’ll be attending IndieCade again, and so this year I thought I’d do a repeat! My friend and fellow indie Heather Kelley (Perfect Plum, Kokoromi) and her fiancee Johannes Grenzfurthner (monochrom) will be joining me. And we hope that some of you will join us too!

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Toast Master

Photo from the IndieCade flickr feed, used here with permission.

B.U.T.T.O.N. wasn’t the only “project” we showed at IndieCade this year. Last year, I had so much fun co-designing and running Fuck You, It’s Art! that this year we resolved to start some similar game-related hi-jinx.

Along with our compatriots Christoffer Holmgård and Benedikte Mikkelsen from Duck and Cover Games, we organized a silly game design challenge. The task: design a game that runs on a toaster. We provided the toaster and a bunch of bread, and invited the public submit their design ideas. The prize, of course, would be the toaster!

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The Copenhagen Game Collective went to the US of A! Part 2

Culver City, brutalized!

(Part 1 here)

After our stint in NYC, we headed west to California to attend IndieCade 2010, to showcase B.U.T.T.O.N. It was our third IndieCade in a row! But as I mentioned a few weeks ago, this year had a special significance for us, given that we had met Nils two years ago at IndieCade 2008.

This year did not disappoint! The festival was bigger than ever, packed with all sorts of lectures and crazy games. And yet, for the most part it managed to retain its homespun communal feel. Still, it’s staggering to think how much the festival has grown over the last two years ago. Just two years ago, there were only a handful of us developers packed into one small room in Bellevue, WA. Yes, I sound like a wistful old man.

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The Copenhagen Game Collective went to the US of A! Part 1

So we went to America. The first stop on our trip was New York City, where our games were shown at a Babycastles party in Queens. The place was a venue called Silent Barn, which is mostly known for hosting concerts. The Babycastles Arcade started out with a couple of guys showing weird games at the bar during concerts, and people that were normally not playing games really got into it. By now their Arcade has moved to Manhattan, where they’re set up in the Showpaper Gallery on 42nd street. So if you’re visiting New York, go there!

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