Goodbye w00t, Hello new stuff

w00t is closing down

W00t started three years ago, as a collaboration between Indgreb, Vallekilde Højskole and Copenhagen Game Collective. During these three years, we have created what we think is Copenhagen’s three most beautiful and interesting play festivals. Needless to say, we are proud to have been part of this.

It is now time for us to put our efforts and energy in other projects. There are a lot of ideas, projects and passions within the collective that are waiting to be cared for. We are excited, so stay tuned!

Right now we can reveal that we will continue our efforts in creating a creative, inspiring and welcoming environment for experimental game making.

For the coming spring, however, we are, first of all, looking forward to focus our energy on “just” three projects: NGIN, Lyst Summit and Exile Game Jam, and perhaps have time to breathe and enjoy some beers in a park in between.

Apart from this you will see some changes here on the blog. We are doing quite a lot of activities, but have been very quiet about them. That is about to change. We have vowed to be more active here on the blog and you will read a lot of our escapades, new announcements and the many thoughts we have. So look forward to that.

We thank Vallekilde Højskole and Indgreb for the three
years of collaboration and wish them all the best for their future projects.

So w00tbye, see you later and hello to new stuff!

Subkult – an evening of CphGC fun

On this Thursday the 29th of October, the collective is going to Herlev Library to be part of the Subkult, an annual “underground” festival in Herlev.


We have quite a nice program for the evening, so please come by. Its free of charge and full of fun things.

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Lyst 2015

Our bodies might have moved from Vartiosaari, the Finnish fairytale island, ticks, amazing people, crazy game ideas and freezing nights in tents, but our hearts and minds are still lingering at Lyst 2015 in Helsinki.

This year’s Lyst was the first Lyst co-organized by our Scandinavian network.

We held our Symposium in Helsinki city center in the cosy WHS Teatteri Union, and the game jam was held on the beautiful island Vartiosaari, just outside Helsinki city center.

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Nordic Game is soon approaching and we are proud to announce the program for the Nordic Game Indie Night 2015.
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This year we introduced boardgames into the Nordic Game Indie Night and the duration process was a little different form the digital games. We had a team of dedicated board game experts playing all the physical prototypes.  These guys were looking for well designed, original games with interesting game play. They narrowed the submissions down to six excellent Nordic board games.

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Nordic Game Indie Night 2015: The Curators



Every year when we open the call for Nordic Game Indie Night we get flooded with amazing entries by people from all over the Nordics. From lone individuals to small or medium sized teams, we get short, long, mobile, adventure, arcade, story, space, zombie, strategy, art,.. -games dropped on our desk that we are then asked to make a selection out of.

It’s kind of like being presented with a huge bowl of all different kinds of candy, and being asked to say something profound about each one of them. After a few, it becomes harder and harder to keep finding ways to describe things. “This one is sweet, but that last one was also sweet, but in a different way.” You’ll end up saying things like “well this one tastes kind of pink, while that one was more… happy”.

To avoid this scenario, we call in the help of our expert external judges, whom we now have the honor to present to you:
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NGIN 2015 Board Game Finalists

For the first time we will also be showcasing board games, along with the digital games, at the Nordic Game Indie Night. Submissions were open for unpublished board games from the Nordic region, and it has been very excited to see all the different designs that were submitted. In the end we received a diverse group of 20 very different titles. There were card games, euro-style games, games about love, games about war, fantasy games, quiz games and cross-platform analogue-digital games. Something for every taste.

Playing board games is a very physical, tactile experience and it was a pleasure to open all the packages and play around with so many different components. It was taxing as well to read so many pages of rules (always being the downside of game systems you have to assimilate in your head!).

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NGIN 2015 Digital Finalists

The wait is over, we are ready to announce the 8 digital games that we have nominated to feature at the showcase. The jury included CPHGC members, past winners as well as game thinkers and critics; their task has been to evaluate each entrant on its own merits. The process has been a tough one as over 100 diverse and interesting games were submitted.

The games have been chosen based on a number of different qualities ranging from stunning visuals, to unique experiment. Each of the games are projects that we felt deserved some more attention and they show the diversity of the Nordic indie scene. We don’t wish to make any value about whether or not these games are the “Eight Best Nordic Indie Games” but rather, we believe each of these games has something unique worth showing.

Unfortunately there were way more interesting games than we are able to showcase, and we wish all the applicants who didn’t get in the best of luck. You are of course welcome to apply again next year with the same, further developed or new games.

The 2015 Nordic Game Indie Sensation Award Nominees:

Awkward Ellieby Team Awkward (Denmark)

Foot-To-Ball N+1, by Neat Corporation (Sweden)

Interplanetary, by Team Jolly Roger (Finland)

Manual Samuel, by Perfectly Paranormal (Norway)

Myriad, by Bifrost Entertainment (Norway)

Pavilion, by Visiontrick Media (Sweden)

The Gentleman, by Cape Copenhagen (Denmark)

Zero-G, by Søren Trautner Madsen (Denmark)

The eight selected games will be showcased Wednesday May 20th from 18.00 at Slagthuset, Malmö. One of the games will be selected by public voting during the night to receive the “Indie Sensation Award” at the Nordic Game Awards. The evening is free and open to the public and will features inspirational and experimental speakers and party all night. We will release more information about the program for the evening in the following days, stay tuned.


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We’re going to Amaze-a – we’re gonna have a party, wowowow

Just a little update. A lot of the members are going to A Maze festival in Berlin to show the projects they are working on and hanging out. Some of them are even nominated in different categories. Mads, Joon and Jonas from Glitchnap are showing their new Sentree (previously Zumbie) that I’m looking forward to see the progress on. Speaking of progress. Tim Garbos’ new mobile game project; progress that is very dear to the hearts of us here in the collective will also be shown. And in the WTF category we have the erotic drawing experience (game?); Cunt touch this. You guys all A-maze me!

And other than that, there will be many other friends of the collective there. Looking forward to hangout out with you all and play your games. See you soon.



Dark Room Sex Game at Pixelporno

Quick note if you’re in or around Linz, Austria – swing by Pixelporno 0.2 where Dark Room Sex Game will be exhibited.