The Collective at Roskilde Festival

This year we’re going to Roskilde Festival to have fun and show some games.

We are going to show some of our games, while some of us are helping Invisible Playground with one of their more physical installation piece games; Giant Starfish Kraken, while some of us are helping out Die gute Fabrik of JS Joust fame with their games and installations (they have a game you play on trampolines!). We are looking forward to seeing the babycade being utilised for what it was intended and to show are physical games on it, together with some local multiplayer games. We are also showing our award winning “art game” Ervax to the festival audience. Going from high brow art exhibition to Roskilde Festival is going to be an interesting shift.

Besides our own games, we are also guest showcasing one of the Nordic Game Indie finalists’ local multiplayer game; the ever so funny Stikbold, which will be playable on the babycade with flying whale and all!

Where are all these shenanigans, you ask? Well, look for Game City, we will be in, and around that area.
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Excessive stimulation: GO NUTS!! at Wild Rumpus.

Almost 2 months ago, one of my games was selected for the Wild Rumpus party in London. I was lucky enough to be able to attend, and it was everything I had hoped for. I consider myself a rookie in the Copenhagen game scene, not to mention globally, and I only found out about Wild Rumpus a year ago. For those of you who have no idea:

The Wild Rumpus brings together the best of indie mutliplayer videogames for the most unique events of crazy, exuberant, social and sometimes physical gameplay. Our games line ups turn conventional videogame culture on its head. Closer in spirit to party, playground, or even drinking games, these are all games that you can’t play at home on your own. So come along and LET THE WILD RUMPUS START! –

When we made LAZA KNITEZ!!, we designed our video game to mimick some of the affordances of a foosball table, where the social situation and space are a key part of what makes the game compelling for a broad audience. Then when we built the Buttfighter, we asked ourselves: Can we get players of our game to stand around our video game in a public space, and can we get other people to pay attention to it?” This being our first video game, we started Googling so hard we almost poked a hole in the back of the internet. What we found was an emerging scene of independent developers feeling the same vibes. The Wild Rumpus seemed to be years ahead of anything else in terms of bringing these types of games to actual people, which is what they were intended for. They lift the burden of finding a space for people like you and me to go, where we can, at least for one night, pick up a controller and play a game of Samurai Gunn instead of a round of darts or foosball.

Not only do they provide you with the space, they do a marvelous job of curating and selecting games based on their accessibility, innovation, spectatorship, and the likelihood you’ll end up craving more.

Wild Rumpus – On a F**king Boat from Niall Henn on Vimeo.

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We need your help to remake Dark Room Sex Game

In 2008 we made a weird experimental no-graphics erotic collaborative rhythm game called Dark Room Sex Game. We are now remaking this game to be controlled with PlayStation Move controllers and we need your help (believe us, the original implementation with Wiimotes was a hassle).

Dark Room Sex Game HD will feature easy connection with PS Move controllers and enhanced light feedback. The project is non commercial and will be released open source.

We will also completely redo the audio of the game, and that is where you come in! All the new voices in the game will be user submitted, so if you are interested in sighing, moaning, smacking, screaming and crying into a microphone for the sake of… Art, please read the instructions.

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w00t w00t

The weekend has passed and so has the festival. We have had great response and a lot of fun running this festival. There were so many cool game talks people, boardgame people and cool game designers running their street games.


Festival area right before opening

I even had a friend not usually associating with games being there with his two little daughters having a lot of fun spying on people for speed guerilla gardening and creating hummingbirdmen. Great to see this kind of involvement too.

Image credit: Chad Toprak 2013 -

Image credit: Chad Toprak 2013 –

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Nordic Game Indie Night 2013 program


Nordic Game Indie Night 2013 is starting to look like a blast. Wednesday May 22nd from 18:00 – 24:00 is squeezed in between Unite Nordic and Nordic Game. We expect a lot of people showing up, either as a final party of Unite, a kick-off of Nordic Game, a nice bridge between the two events or just a solo event in Malmö. The event is free and open to the public, so no reason not to show up.

During the night the 8 finalist games will be showcased and the audience will be able to vote for their favorite to win the Nordic Indie Sensation Award at the Nordic Game Awards May 23rd.

If you are traveling from Copenhagen by train you will be able to get a great ticket discount. Check out this link with all the information.

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CLICK festival – Workshops

We love experimenting with new ways of thinking about games and we do it often. Now we want to introduce our methodology to the world. That is why we in collaboration with Click festival have created 4 different workshops. Workshops where we play around with technology to create new kinds of interfaces for games. The click festival is in Kulturværftet in Helsingør.

Our workshops are: Using Node.js on Thursday 9th May 14-20h, Hardware Jam on Friday 10th May 12-19h, Circuit Bending also on Friday 10th May 12-19h, and then finishing off with a Mini Game Jam on Saturday 11th may 12-19h.

image: – Merlin Nadj-Torma –

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Playdate: May 15, Show us what you are working on!

The Copenhagen Game Collective, in collaboration with PlayIT CPH and the Local Multiplayer Picnic, are hosting the first Playdate. An afternoon, which will turn into an evening, where anybody can come present their pet project, play with each others’, mingle and drink beer.

Have this really fun 4 player game but you don’t have any friends? Need some input on a writers block? Looking for a job, or have a job to offer? Just want to play some games? Come to Playdate on May 15th, it’s absolutely free!

where: Scrollbar, ITU (Rued Langgaards Vej 7  2300 København)
when: May 15th, from 16:00 and onwards
what: Show us what you are working on! Bring projects, demos, anything.
contactContact me, Joon, if you need anything special or have a question:

There is a Facebook event right here, if you like social media.

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We’re going to the Maldives – The games

Read about the background of this trip here.

We got the move controllers water-proofed and were excited to try our underwater idea. We thought of having an underwater minefield of floating move controllers. If you touched one, a chain reaction would start, and you would hear sounds played from above the water.

Ready to get wet

However, as soon as the move controllers were submerged, just a bit, they stopped working. Apparently the Bluetooth signal from the controllers is not strong enough to send through water. The medium is of course tougher than air to propagate in, but we did not think this would be an issue. Apparently it is. There went all under water ideas!

Luckily we made two new findings.

  1. The move controllers float and work while floating
  2. They start working again as soon as they emerge from the water! (As long as they have not been under for more than 5 sec, where the built in hardware disconnect kicks in)

These two findings together we thought was really cool and could be turned around from a bug to a feature. We figured out that we could count for updates in the code, where no there was no activity from the controller. If the duration is longer than a prescribed threshold (for us 0.5 second), then the controller had been submerged.
This got us to think about the games in another way, and even though an under water game would have been beautiful and atmospheric to play, being above water is more fun, since you can communicate and interact more with the other players.
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We’re going to the Maldives – Boat, water and island games

Read about the background of this trip here.

At our third day here we wanted to get to know the local culture more. We wanted to hear some local fairytales and folk stories. That’s why we arranged a get-together with some of the locals at a café on a Malé suburb – Villingili (it’s on another island, and you have to take a ferry to get there, but yes, it’s a “suburb”).

Telling stories to a crowd can be a bit daunting if you’re not used to it. I remembered a classic danish parlour game that my friend Anders Børup taught me. It is a collaborative storytelling game where people take turns at saying a word that is attached to the current sentence and then it goes around in a circle. Anyone can always end the sentence by saying “full stop” instead of a word, which then changes the direction and begins a new sentence. It is best played fast and to a specific rhythm. This forces people to not over-think and makes it more silly and fun.

Here is a sentence we built that I really love. It’s a bit non-sensical and aaaalmost poetic:

“Malé is unpleasantly humid, yes, this will destroy mother earth if we want all the passionfruit all in one mouthful.”

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NGIN 2013 Finalists

We are happy to announce this years finalists for the Nordic Game Indie Night Showcase. Our jury of Copenhagen Game Collective members, as well as previous finalists have selected eight games representing the breadth and quality of the Nordic Indie Scene:

Badland, By Frogmind [Finland]

Clairvoyance, By Erik Svedang, Johannes Gotlen, Niklas Akerblad and Oscar Rydelious [Sweden]

Flowstorm, By Neat Corporation [Sweden]

The Mission, By Xavier V Lafont, [Denmark]

The Plan, By Krillbite Studio, [Norway]

Rymdkapsel, By Grapefrukt Games, [Sweden]

The Silent Age, By House on Fire [Denmark]

Stikbold, By Team Stikbold, [Denmark]

The eight selected games will be showcased Wednesday May 22nd from 18.00 at Slagthuset, Malmö. The evening is free and open to the public and will features inspirational and experimental speakers and party all night. We will release more information about the program for the evening in the following weeks, stay tuned.

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