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  • Hero Programmer Quest

    Our fellow Nordic indie developer and friend, Petri Purho (of Crayon Physics fame), just released a hilarious new game prototype in which you have to debug C++ code really quickly. Yes, you read that correctly! Try it here. I keep getting stuck on one of the later levels… I may have to cheat by taking…

  • Weekly Music Tip, April 4 2010: Autechre Oversteps Themselves

    This past Friday night, Dajana and I caught Autechre live at DR’s beautiful new Koncerthuset. Exquisite, but also exhausting! The set was an hour-long barrage of nonstop electronic intensity, in darkness. The new album, Oversteps, is very nice indeed, albeit very different from their live sound: Check out their web page for more tour dates.…

  • Weekend at Bernie’s

    Whew – it’s been a while, blog! Here in CPH, the lot of us have been busy. Too busy, even. Hopefully we’ll have something to show for it soon. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, you may have noticed that we’ve added Bernie Schulenburg’s Where is my Heart? to our list of featured games. Welcome to the collective,…

  • Peter Molyneux and Dark Room Sex Game

    “Whether or not you reach climax – that’s a very interesting thing” – Peter Molyneux. At the Nordic Game Jam 2010 Doug had the chance to talk to Peter Molyneux about our erotic, no-graphics rhythm game Dark Room Sex Game.

  • Copenhagen Game Collective @ Gamma IV

    Our “one button” party game, B.U.T.T.O.N. (Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now), is one of the six chosen games that will be showcased at this years Gamma IV party. If you’re attending GDC this week, we hope to meet you and show you the game!

  • Nifflas in Copenhagen!

    Our friend Nifflas, game designer extraordinaire, was in Copenhagen this month for the Nordic Game Jam. He also gave a fantastic lecture at IT University of Copenhagen’s Spring 2010 Game Lecture series.  Recorded in all its glory, here: Game Lecture Series – Episode 1: Nicklas Nygren from itucph on Vimeo.

  • Fuck You Buddy Performance and Game Night Surprise with CGC

    Copenhagen Game Collective and Recoil Performance Group invite you to a performance of Fuck You Buddy, preceded by a short demonstration of and discussion of Dark Room Sex Game. Fuck You Buddy is a new dance performance presented by the Recoil Performance Group, and involves four female dancers with choreography and interactive video scenography that…

  • Nordic Game Jam Opening Party

  • Nordic Game Jam 2010 sign-up is open!

    The Nordic Game Jam (NGJ) is a fantastic event that is very well known to many Nordic game developers. At this event,  students, professionals, hobbyists and a new generation of game developers meet and work together on games. The NGJ is all about creativity, experimentation, fun, crunching under pressure, socializing and networking.

  • Half-Minute Hero

    At the Nordic Game Jam this past year, one of the constraints was that the game take only five minutes. We decided to run with that constraint by choosing the genre least likely to make sense in such a time frame – the MMORPG. It was an obvious joke, but still a fun one. Thus…