Here is were you will find assorted projects that people in the collective have worked on or created.
This is not a list of cool released games; but more of a sandbox.
You will find things from small prototypes, folk games, open source libraries, to released games and art installations, to name a few.


Nordic Game Indie Night

NGIN is an annual one day conference with independent games and talks from game developers of the Nordic Countries.
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Where is my heart?

Where is my Heart? is a 2D puzzle-platform released as a Mini for PS3 and PlayStation Portable developed by Die Gute Fabrik
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Dark Room Sex Game

Dark Room Sex Game is an award-winning multiplayer, erotic rhythm game without any visuals, played only by audio and haptic cues. The game can be played with Nintendo Wiimote controllers or a keyboard.
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AAAARGH! is a loud single computer local massive multiplayer racing game for 4 to n players. Basically the game is about yelling as loud as possible!.
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Who Took The Apple?

Who Took the Apple? is a 4 player card game played backwards in time! The game is played with an apple, a bucket, four beers and a set of large cards meant to be played on ground.
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Virtual Internet Hacker VR

A virtual reality hacker game for Oculus Rift
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Collectible Business Card Game

Collectible Business Card Game (CBCG) is a collectible card game played with real business cards.
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Game Studies Card Game

The Game Studies Card Game (GSCG) is a simple conference card game, designed for academics, graduate students, and other game studies aficionados!
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Monkey See Monkey Mime

Judged by their controller's accelerometer, multiple players compete to mimic (mirror) a 'conductor player' as best they can. Each player gets a turn to conduct
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Hello World

a collaborative storytelling experiment set in a new world.
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5 Minute MMORPG

5 Minute MMORPG is a free, fast-paced, action-packed, kind-of-but-not-really massively multiplayer online role-playing game, played in the comfort of your own browser. It is everything you want from an MMORPG, in just five minutes:
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A cooperative dancing game meets Twister. Touch the right color and dance to the beat.
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Photonboy is an abstract game where you as the player undertake the quest of photonboy. The world is only experienced through sending millions of photons out into the world.
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Cunt Touch This

Cunt Touch This is inspired by Tee Corinne's Cunt Colouring Book from 1975. The game is a meditative drawing activity accompanied by sound. By colouring with fingers on a touchpad players can create their own cunt art.
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UniMove is an open-source Unity plugin and set of C# bindings that allows you to use PlayStation Move controllers with your Unity and/or C# application.
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Train Mafia

A heavily modified version of the classic party game Mafia, played on two subway trains, with an extra helping of crazy sauce!
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ERVAX for 2

ERVAX for 2 is an interactive art piece that is part game and part compositional tool.
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Idiots attack the top noodle

Idiots attack the Top Noodle

A survival horror game with no graphics and played using Playstation Move Controllers and a Brain Wave Sensor.
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Portable Oculus Setup

Feeding the real time camera input from a webcam placed in odd places on the body into the oculus forces a different relationship between movement and seeing.
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w00t is Copenhagen's Play and Games Festival
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Human Tower Defence

Human Tower Defence is a modern and physical take on the "classical" digital game of tower defence. You as an invading hord to conquer the city while having to avoid the towers on the path.
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B.U.T.T.O.N. (Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now) is a one-button party game for 2-8 players. The game is now out on Xbox Live Indie, and PC (Windows).
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Exile Game Jam

The worlds coziest game jam!
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Jelly Stomp

Jelly stomp is played in shallow water in teams of two. Players fight to stomp each others jelly fish under water and protect their own.
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Playmakers in Maldives

The project was about developing street games and playful interventions in the streets of Maldives capital, Male in the times of Military Coup.
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Mitt Rowdy

Mitt Rowdy, a folk game for two. Both players place an oven mitt on their hand and try to pick up a coin.
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The babycade was built to be a ultra-mobile arcade. Sometimes we take it trains, buses or just for a walk.
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Flot! is a purely auditory physical game. The game is played by two players who take turns using their body to create sounds
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