The Human Reconfigured

The Human Reconfigured is a collection of fun and physical digital games inspired by folk games and utilizing the Oculus Rift and cameras. By putting cameras on different parts of the body, you achieve interesting out of the body effects. Couple that with the easygoing and fun games that folk games are known for, you have a hilarious new genre of games.


Sneaky Lance Reconfigured

Two players fight off in an epic sneaky battle. They can only move slowly and will at specific intervals be able to see for 3 seconds. This allows them to see their opponent, but will also give away their own position. The first player to successfully strike (in slow-mo) their opponent with a wooden spoon, wins. Be the sneakiest and quickest slow motion ninja knight  to win this game.

This game is the classic Danish folk game “Liste Lanse” (which directly translates into “Sneaky Lance”) reconfigured and brought into the modern times through the power of new virtual reality technology.

Players: 2

Setup: Requires two sets of mobile Oculus and camera setup. The cameras are first person view from the head pointing forward.


Force Feeding

Think back to your childhood. How did it feel being fed? Did you like it? In this game you will get the opportunity to try it again. You are a couple racing against another couple trying to feed each other quickest. However you can only see from the perspective of your partner.

Players: 4

Setup: Requires four sets of mobile Oculus and camera setup. The cameras are from a second person view point (player one’s camera points at player two and vice versa).


Eyes on the Dice

Usually dice games require statistical and mathematical thinking and a great deal of luck. The Eyes on the Dice requires none of that. You simply have to roll four sixes before your opponent. However, doing this through the Human Reconfigured setup will change a simple game of rolling dice into a match in dexterity and speed as you fumble your way to see through your chest to roll those sixes!

Players: 2

Setup: Requires two sets of mobile Oculus and camera setup. The cameras are on the chest and pointing down on the table.

Variation: make it second person. Player one’s camera is pointing at player two. Player two is seeing this video feed. Vice versa for the other player.


Owling in the night

Example owling

In this game we have reconfigured you to have a great vision like the owl. Bobbing your head up and down will give you the owl’s super vision for a few seconds. Moving around will limit your vision to near blindness. Find and capture your prey before the other owls get them.

Players: 2+

Setup: Requires two or more sets of mobile Oculus and camera setup. The cameras are first person view from the head pointing forward.


How to put your foot down?

Who would have thought that something as simple as putting your foot down could be so complicated. On top of this you have to find a balloon to put your foot on. You do this only through the viewpoint of your foot as you stumble everywhere to find your footing… and the balloon.

Players: 2+

Setup: Requires two or more sets of mobile Oculus and camera setup. The cameras should be mounted on the knee, pointing down on the foot.


Uffe Flarup, Ida Toft, Lena Mech, Patrick Jarnfelt, Marie Schreiner Poulsen, Mads Johansen Lassen

Setup for the games

Each of the physical folk games utilize a configuration of Oculus Rifts and cameras. Most need two or more setups and have different positions for the cameras.

1 set requires: 1 Oculus Rift set, 1 web camera, 1 computer with 3 usb outputs and 1 usb to 5.5mm barrel 5V DC power plug.
Connect all the Oculus cables to the PC and use the usb to 5V power plug instead of the AC to DC adapter. Get your web camera working on your PC by installing required drivers.