Yonderplay 2018

Yonderplay is a brand new format by the Copenhagen Game Collective that will be part of Nordic Game Conference. We are looking for games that break the rules. Games that redefine what games can be. Games that have a, possibly tiny, spark of novelty that changes everything.
Read more about the concept here at our blog post:


February 12: Start of Game-Submission and Jury-Registration

March 1: Judging starts

March 12: Submission Deadline

March 30: Judging ends

April 9: Announcement of Yonderplay Showcase titles

May 25: Yonderplay Day


The Yonderplay Day – May 25th

The games selected will be on showcase for the whole day (10-18). During this time we will have 2 sessions with presentations of the developers. A kind of show-and-tell in our Yonderplay Room hygge-area. Your game will need to be manned there and you will need to prepare a 10 min presentation of your game. However, we are creating this cozy intimate space, so it will more be a show-and-tell session where you play 10 min well prepared sections of your game while explaining what sets it apart, or what you learned, or what you did wrong, anything you and the audience find interesting. At the end of the day we will have a 30 min sit down session with all developers and have an informal Q&A session. It will all be very low key, nice and a great way for you to show your game to fellow developers.


What do I win?

As a nominee for the Yonderplay Showcase you get to exhibit your game at the Nordic Game Conference. You get 2 free tickets for the full conference for 2 from your team. We would prefer 1-2 of the core designers or developers to be present at the event.
You also get one of those amazing award leaves thingy from the best games showcase in the world from the most amazing games collective in the world (*sarcasm over ;)).

Finally and most importantly you get the warm cozy feeling of being part of a movement that the Copenhagen Game Collective stands for – you help demonstrating that games are a medium that can go far beyond mere entertainment.