Where is my Heart?

Where is my Heart? is a 2D puzzle-platform released as a Mini for PS3 and PlayStation®Portable developed by Die Gute Fabrik

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A family of three monsters go on a hike. Suddenly they notice that they’re lost. They start fussing and only end up more confused. The family is left shattered by paranoia. In the woods the three monsters encounter many a strangeness. They enter the Land of the Fireflies; they meet the naively helpful Antler Ancestor; the friendly Rainbow Spirit of True Sorrow; and the ambivalent Bat King. The monsters try to overcome their negative craze and start making their way home. They gather up pink hearts to strengthen their family bond. Sometimes they can’t help but cast bitter green hearts of spite. Will the monsters survive as a family, or will they break up into a set of three lonely individuals?

The core mechanic of Where is my Heart? is the Comic Panel Effect. How can this mechanic be described? Imagine a 2D platformer with three monsters. The player can switch between them and work her way through the world to find a way home. Easy enough, right?

Now imagine the game world was cut up into little square pieces. These pieces are shuffled like cards and thrown back onto the screen. Disorienting? That’s the Comic Panel Effect. It’s a challenge to play, because the player has to figure out where the monsters are located.

Where is my Heart? release dates are November 16th 2011 for Europe and November 22nd for America.

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The Team:
Bernie Schulenburg, Nils Deneken, Alessandro Coronas, Kay Küsgen, Dajana Dimovska, Heino Jørgensen, Tim Garbos