The Game:
The Game Studies Card Game (GSCG) is a simple conference card game, designed for academics, graduate students, and other game studies aficionados!  In GSCG, each player controls a fledgling game studies department, hiring professors (yes, real life game studies researchers) and churning out research in order to increase prestige.

Players earn “chapters” of various disciplinary traditions, such as Psychology, Philosophy, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, and World of Warcraft. Each chapter card has a keyword and a satirical title. Chapters can be used by any professor who is trained in that discipline – either to publish a conference paper or to write a book.

To publish a book, a player must string together three book chapters, and then present the central argument of the book to the other players, explaining how those three chapters fit together. In other words, the game requires its players to bullshit. The more the player knows about the various keywords, the easier it will be to improvise a clever (or humorous) presentation.

A player wins if his/her department manages to publish three books – on the ever-popular MIT Press, of course! But there’s also an alternate end condition: if the total number of conference papers published by all players together reaches a certain mark, game studies finally becomes a real discipline and everybody wins!

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Selected Chapter Titles:

The Team:
Lau Korsgaard, Douglas Wilson

Year: 2009