At least they’ll see the black…

I have a new favorite blog:

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Our good friend Matt Broach, a visual artist from New York City, just moved to Berlin, and he’s drawing a picture of the city every day – visual fragments, you might call them, in his signature sharpe technique.

For those of you like me who are wistful for Berlin (or who just like beautiful drawings), you’ll definitely want to add his blog to your RSS feed.

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More on Matt’s work after the jump.

Matt’s work centers around questions about space and memory, drawing influence from artists like William Kentridge, Joseph Cornell, and even musicians like Boards of Canada and Bibio.

One of his most recent pieces of his work are his box installations, based around interviews in which individual people recount specific memories. Admittedly, the boxes are significantly more compelling in person, because size and physicality are central to the envisioned experience. Still, check out some of the video documentation:

Matt remains one of my own major influences, on my design work, my academic work, and even my teaching. I’m desperate for him to lend his talents to game development one of these days. Watch out indie games world, because when it finally goes down, it’s going to be wild!

Until then, check out this rad music video Matt made, in which he appropriates some beautiful old stock footage:

“Sunlight” – Harlem Shakes from Matt Broach on Vimeo.


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