Weekly Music Tip, April 25 2010: Cinematic Orchestra’s LateNightTales

Cinematic Orchestra’s LateNightTales mix, released just this month, is an absolute must-listen:

Both the track selection and the transitions are stellar. How does one seamlessly mix FlyLo, Wayne Henderson, Nick Drake, Burt Bacharach, Bjork, Thom Yorke, St Germain, and Burial? I don’t know, but Cinematic Orchestra manages to pull it off.

To top it off, they even throw in the famous ending movement of Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint…! It’s a slightly awkward fit given the sheer gravitas of the piece – after listening to something as profound as Electric Counterpoint, I usually need a few minutes of unadulterated silence to drink it all in. Still, it’s hard to fault Cinematic Orchestra for trying.

I’m a fervent Cinematic Orchestra devotee, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t link to some of their other projects. Here’s one of my favorite Cinematic Orchestra tracks, “Reel Life,” from their “re-soundtracking” of Dziga Vertov’s magnum opus, Man With The Movie Camera:

The album, the film, and this scene in particular are all very near and dear to my heart. But I suppose that’s a story for another day…

A final tip: the Flaming Lips’ LateNightTales mix marks another high point in the series – check it out! Anyone who drops Aphex Twin’s “Flim” clearly has good taste.

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