5 Minute MMORPG lives on!

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Seemingly out of the blue, Kotaku posted about 5 Minute MMORPG today.

The publicity comes as a pleasant surprise because we actually haven’t thought much about the project in over a year. Just goes to show, sometimes you need to have a little patience.

The best part of all the recent coverage is that there’s now a critical mass of players streaming into the game, so you can finally find real human beings to play with. Go try it now!

The game was originally made as a non-commercial project for the Nordic Game Jam 2009. But if you have any cool ideas as to what we should do with the game next (if anything), let us know!

We’ve also been humbled to see recent blog coverage from rad indie peoples like Auntie Pixelante, and our friend Adam Robezzoli over at AttractMode. Thanks guys!

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