Weekly Music Tip, May 26 2010: Chip Tuned Rockman

Another must-listen! Mega Man remixes, from a variety of top-notch 8-bit artists:

I listen to a lot of videogame music, but this album is a shining standout. Just perfect – certainly some of the best videogame music remixes I’ve ever heard. The list of remixers features some world renown chip tune artists, as well as some of the original Mega Man composers – including Manami Matsumae, who apparently did sound programming for the original Mega Man back in 1987!

I picked up on the album from Jeriaska’s excellent blog, Compos Mentis. If you like the 8-bit sound, Jeriaska drops some other solid recommendations in this “Five Chiptune Albums for 2009” video:

If you’re interested, Jeriaska has also interviewed some of the musicians (here, here).

More Chip Tuned Rockman samples after the jump!

And, of course, I’ve always been a sucker for the Bubble Man music – this time remixed by Japanese chiptune producer Dong:

And since I linked that Dong remix, I feel compelled to recommend this recent Hyperdub release, where LV and Quarta 330 take on one of Dong’s own tunes, merging 8-bit and dubstep styles to nice effect:

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