Yonderplay Selection 2019

The goal of Yonderplay is to highlight game gems, to point out projects that explore the borderlands of playfulness. This year, we return with a selection of games that showcase the diversity and potential of the medium of video games. This collection of games is necessarily eclectic and, trust me, we had a lot of intense discussions during the selection process. Every one of the games we selected is special in its own right – every single one is created with love for video games, and the will to explore new ways of playing. Every game we selected is an experiment and a work in progress.

Our goal is not to select the best games, the most beautiful games, or the games with the highest market potential. Our goal with Yonderplay is to tell what games can be too. That they can deal with Alzheimer’s (Forgotten), or be full of personality (Elk). That games do not have to be winnable (Paly), can be ruthlessly clever (Altered) and exhilaratingly unpredictable (King of Peasants). That games can tell stories of mysterious but recognisable worlds (Waybinder), decrepitude (Komako) and comic logic (Bububum). Oh and our goal is also to let you play a horse in a horsepital (Saint Hazel’s Horsepital).

Yonderplay will be hosted at Nordic Game 2019 on Friday, May 24th.


Glitchheart (DK)

Altered is a meditative puzzle game mixing hard puzzles and a soothing atmosphere.The player is the puzzle as you alter each player stone to traverse and solve the levels



Bubumbu Team (SE)

Every little thing belongs somewhere.

As a wandering puzzle-piece spirit, you know that, and you’re devoted to put everything in its place. This is a game especially fit for children aged 1 to 100 years old – it is cute, stylish (we argue) and wholesome through and through. We hope you get more charmed than frustrated by this game.

Peace, love and bunnies.



Triple Topping (DK)

A game based on real stories mixed with a lot of creative freedom and humor.

You follow Frigg a young carpenter, who is restlessly floating through life. She embarks on a trip to try and find a way to settle her adventurous soul. Her journey takes her to Elk, a misplaced island in the Atlantic ocean, a heaven to the weird and wonderful people the world has either ignored or forgotten.Elk is no normal island, amongst it’s strange townsfolk it harbours dark, humorous tales and unbelievable feats of cunning and mischief. Danger lurks around the cold mountain top, hanging over the town and the shores below. Frigg will find herself at the centre, tangled in the messy web of Elk’s residents, joining them in their love, loss and laughter.



Mutiny Games (DK)

You live out the daily life of a person with Alzheimer’s.

As you play you might realize that things are not were you left them, time might have elapsed, and you may not wholly recognize where you are. Family members will visit you, but you might find yourself losing the thread of conversation and losing track of who they are to you. Each day you get to collect pictures to put in a collage to try to make sense of the world around you.

The game explores the feelings of social isolation and confusion that those living with Alzheimer’s experience.


King of Peasants

Platonic Partnership (FI)

King of Peasants is a modern, story-driven adventure game, set in the dark ages during inquisition. It´s fast-paced, snappy and streamlined. The game is basically Lethal Weapon but with knights.

Based on Knights comics, King of Peasants is a satirical adventure game about prejudice and stupidity. The graphics are entirely handmade with a mix of watercolors and pencils. The visual style can be defined as a “living painting”.



Crayon Animals (DK)

A story untold, a feast for the eyes and the soul. ~

(no website yet)


Stuffed Wombat (SE)

Paly is a collection of unwinnable arcade games.There are no win conditions, rewards, achievements or progression.The only thing players can do in Paly is play.


Saint Hazel’s Horsepital

Hyph-n (NO)

Hazel’s best friend Buddy has sneaked into a hospital to seek better medical attention than he can get from a veterinary, but quickly discovers that horses are not very popular in hospitals, and the glue factory next door is looking for new “volunteers”! It’s up to Hazel to come to the rescue!

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Metrowitch Interactive (SE)

“Waybinder” is an interactive novella: a work of occult fantasy which explores ritual witchcraft, the nature of journeys, and what it means to shape destinies both large and small. Players guide an entire city towards its inauguration, in a ritual of their discovery.


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