Idiots attack the Top Noodle

“What do we want!?”
“When do we want it!?″


In a not so distant future, the Idiots have overpopulated the world by breeding uncontrollably, while the intellectuals have diminished in numbers to a small group of elites, called the Brains. The idiots have found out, that while the elite group is smaller in numbers, they still have control over the general population with intricate use of their power of intelligence to rule over the Idiots. The Idiots realizing that they have been mind controlled by a small group of elites, revolt and fight, to take back the power, and try to overthrow the Brains. But they are subject to the whims of the Brains, who lays down the laws and decides how everything is run. (inspired by “The Marching Morons” by Cyril M. Kornbluth)

Gameplay Description:

One person plays as The Brain. The Brain’s objective is to survive by killing the Idiots with mind control – the player must concentrate, truly, to charge a weapon in order to shoot and kill one Idiot. This takes a couple of seconds, while the Idiots try to catch the Brain and ruin its concentration!

The Brain’s powers hinder the Idiots’ movement, so they are unusually sluggish creatures. This is because concentrated brain waves confuse the Idiots motive abilities, causing them to explode from confusion if they try to move too fast. However, if the Brain loses its concentration, the Idiots can move faster and converge on the Brain to catch it and steal its power.

If the Brain kills all Idiots, the Brain wins. If an Idiot catches the Brain (and devours the brain), the Idiots win.
Now that Idiot is the Brain and it all starts again!