March 6: Start of Game-Submission and Jury-Registration

March 23: Submission Deadline

April 8: Extended Submission Deadline

April 17: Announcement of Yonderplay Showcase titles

May 22-24 Nordic Game Conference

May 24: Yonderplay Showcase Day 

Yonderplay showcase

Yonderplay is a cozy meeting of developers. It is a one-day showcase at Nordic Game Conference where we chill together, play together, and have a couple of short intimate presentations. It is as much a fireside chat as it is an exhibition.

Does your game have any unusual features? Is it in a refreshing setting or does it offer interaction that has not been seen before? Is it personal? Then it would fit right in. In short, we are looking for games that have a, possibly tiny, spark of novelty.

More specifically, we are looking for games that:

  • Have a simple but groundbreaking idea and execute on it (e.g. Noita)
  • Revive or invigorate an existing genre (e.g. 80 Days)
  • Are personal, expressive games (e.g. Knife Sisters)
  • Use game mechanics against you (e.g. WHAT THE GOLF?)
  • Are so obscure we don’t even know what we are looking at but it’s great (e.g. Caves of Qud)
  • Are decidedly cozy (e.g. Tick Tock – A Tale for Two)
  • Offer new ways of interaction (e.g. Eye of the Temple)
  • Open your eyes (e.g. Bury Me, My Love)
  • Are played primarily in the real world (e.g. Out of the Loop)

If you have a game that fits into any of the above categories – or does not fit but is nevertheless a breath of fresh air – then you owe yourself and the world at large to submit your game.

See previous year nominees.

The Yonderplay Day – May 24th, 2019

The games selected will be on showcase for the whole day (11-18). During this time we will have short sessions with presentations of the developers. However, since we are creating this cozy intimate space, it will more be a show-and-tell session where you play 10 min well-prepared sections of your game while explaining what sets it apart, or what you learned, or what you did wrong – anything you and the audience find interesting. The event will be very low key, nice and a great way for you to show your game to fellow developers.

Who can submit?

Anyone making a game in the Nordic region or who has at least one team member from there can participate. If you are unsure whether you qualify, please just drop us a line and ask. You are expected to attend Nordic Game Conference. At the event you give a short show-and-tell presentation about a particularly interesting aspect of your game. No slides – just gameplay.

Your game can either be unreleased or recently released.

Curatorial Statement

We are dedicated to showing the diversity of games and their creators. As such we very much encourage you to submit, especially if you consider yourself excluded from mainstream games. We will curate a show that highlights diversity and inclusivity. That means that if your work does not make it into the show it doesn’t mean it’s of lower quality than the others – we just aim at presenting a selection that shows how wide the spectrum of games is. On the other hand, getting selected means that we see something unique in your viewpoint and think that others should be able to see the world from your angle too.

What do I get out of it?

You get to exhibit your game at the Nordic Game Conference. You get 2 free tickets for the full conference for 2 from your team. We would prefer 1-2 of the core designers or developers to be present at the event. We hope for a diverse mix of people presenting games. This is a very low barrier and nice event, so presenters don’t need tons of stage experience.

You also get one of those amazing award laurel leaf thingies from the coziest games showcase in the world.

Finally and most importantly you get the warm cozy feeling of being part of a movement that the Copenhagen Game Collective stands for – you help demonstrating that games are a medium that can go far beyond mere entertainment.