Yonderplay Selection @ Nordic Game 2018

This year we went for something new; yonder, which means something along the lines of “right over there”.  It is just out of reach. It could be a leading star, a falling star or an outsider star. Ok, the ‘star analogy’ is not the best, but we have felt that our showcase which year after year has showed interesting games has always been nebulous. So why not choose a nebulous title to reflect and embrace that. Ergo; YONDERPLAY. 

Just like every year, we have no intention of promoting our selection as “The Best Nordic Indie Games.” We have instead embraced the diversity that we found in the submissions. Some of the games are personal and expressive, about subjects that matter. Some games are not even games in the strictest definition. Most games are beautifully crafted games, and some break the whole game down, and that is beautiful. Most of the games are made by small teams and individuals, some by larger groups. That shows that you can also be a leading and/or falling and/or outsider star that we all wish to be, no matter who you are.

Thanks for all the submissions, and we hope you’ll all continue to submit projects in the coming years!

Here are the 9 games for 2018’s YONDERPLAY showcase:

Eye of the Temple

Sanctum Dreams (DK)

Stepping from one moving platform to another at perilous heights with your own feet in VR, and the sensation of almost losing your balance.


Felix The Reaper

Kong Orange (DK)

Felix The Reaper is a casual game about the life of Death – A 3D shadow manipulation puzzle about making sure humans die.


Knife Sisters

Transcenders Media (SE)

You wake up late after a rough night with a pounding headache and no recollection whatsoever of what happened the night before. You check your phone and it’s bursting with messages, the social media feed too. When you gets to your senses, the world has turned. What happened the night before can’t be undone, and maybe it is something really bad …



Krillbite Studio (NO)

Mosaic is a mysterious narrative game, where you follow the repetitive and lonely life of an average commuter…. Until one day, when strange things start happening.



Decochon (DK)

MuX is a VR synthesizer playground. You can build your own instruments from scratch using knowledge about sound.



Nolla Games (FI)

A magical action rogue-lite where every pixel is physically simulated.


Out of the Loop

Tasty Rook (IS)

Out of the Loop is a mobile party game for 3-9 players where you have to figure out who doesn’t know what everyone else is talking about.


Qualified Personnel Only

Qualified Personnel Only (SE)

Take this unique opportunity to operate a nuclear power plant! What could possibly go wrong?


The Forest Quartet

Mads & Friends (DK)

Be the spirit of a dead lead singer who’s trying to get her old jazz band, back together.
Use the spirits voice to move objects in the world and solve abstract puzzles in order to help the band members play music again.


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