This week, the indie community is blogging about how size doesn’t matter in games (more, more and more). I see that as an excellent opportunity to continue our Bi-weekly Erotic Game Tip, and give an example of why size does indeed matter!

Sepe Cumshot is a short game, and thank god for that. But size is what it’s all about.

The mechanics are simple: the screen shows a naked man, Sepe, sitting and a chair exposing his penis. The player controls a big male hand with the mouse and has to stroke Sepe in order to arouse him. The player has to stroke his groin and that rather fast in order to evoke any reactions. When Sepe gets more aroused, he grows – not only his phallus but his entire body grows to hulk-sized proportions. The payoff in the end is to see Sepe’s giant cock ejaculate all over the camera. Size definitely matters in this game – Sepe’s growth is the underlying fantasy that fuels the frantic shaking of the mouse. It is a primal scream, without finesse or class, of “bigger is better.”

Censoring done by me, click image to see non-censored version

Why is bigger better?

I recently discussed the rules of a social party game I was arranging with some of my friends. One of my friends suggested that a team score two points for every victory. I, formally educated in game design, logic, and system theory, had a hard time figuring out why two was better than one. After all, score is just an arbitrary integer that is only interesting in relation to another score; the relationship between scores wouldn’t change by doubling all numbers. But, of course, scoring two points is better than scoring one point. Size matters. The victorious team in a one-point design might end with 4 to 5 points, which just seems pathetic. 8 to 10 points just has more of an “oomph” factor. For the same reason, I’m pretty sure soccer would be more popular in America if each goal were worth 10 points. Isn’t that how they spice up their own sports?

Sid Meyer gave in his GDC10 talk an excellent example of our inability to rationally evaluate even the the most basic math.  When testing Civilization Revolution he found that many players accepted losing a 2:1 battle against to computer once in a while but they were outraged if they lost a 20:10 battle. 20 to 10, thats 10 more than the computer, 10 is a pretty high number! The absolute size simply matters when we are trying to figure out the value of a given thing.

I would argue that this fascination with size is mostly dominant in realms of fantasy like games and sex. As demonstrated by the joy of transforming into Mega Mario in New Super Mario Bros, the deliriously high scores of pinball games, the ridiculously augmented female bodies of the porno world, and the excess of orgies and multiple partners, size is at the crux of our darkest fantasies. Faster, higher, stronger is the Olympic ideal, but could also just as easily be an instruction given by a director on a porn set.

Don't tell me size doesn't matter!

Yes, in the realm we call reality, most of us have a more sensible understanding of the relationship between quality and quantity. But leave me with my childish fixation on size when I dwell into escapism.