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Dark Room Sex Game

“Can I touch your Wiimote?”

The Game:
Dark Room Sex Game
is an award-winning multiplayer, erotic rhythm game without any visuals, played only by audio and haptic cues. The game can be played with Nintendo Wiimote controllers or a keyboard.

In Dark Room Sex Game, the player works with his or her partner to find a mutual rhythm, then speeds up gradually until climax. In four-player “orgy” mode, players swap partners randomly and compete to reach orgasm the fastest.

Our idea was that a sex game would in fact be even more erotic if one stripped away all visuals and forced players to use their imaginations. Our hope was to use a combination of humor and embarrassment to make players uncomfortable, yet strangely satisfied. One could view the game as a commentary on the dull fixation on visuals in the spheres of sex and also videogames. Or, you can just view it as a cool party game.

The game is no longer publicly available for download, but email us if you’re interested to hear more.

We are planing to develop a sequel of the game for the PlayStation Move controllers.

Release Date: 2008

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The team Dajana Dimovska, Douglas Wilson, Kennett Wong, Lars Bojsen-Moeller, Lau Korsgaard, Mads Lyngvig, Robin Di Capua