Nordic Game Jam 2010 sign-up is open!

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The Nordic Game Jam (NGJ) is a fantastic event that is very well known to many Nordic game developers.

At this event,  students, professionals, hobbyists and a new generation of game developers meet and work together on games. The NGJ is all about creativity, experimentation, fun, crunching under pressure, socializing and networking.

Most of the Copenhagen Game Collective (CGC) team got to know each other and work for a first time together at the NGJ 2008. At this game jam the main theme was taboo and we developed the award winning Dark Room Sex Game (DRSG). As a team we had an amazing time developing the game together; therefore, after the NGJ we kept collaborating with each other on different academic and artistic game projects. The great experiences that we shared at the NGJ 2008 motivate us to keep coming back to develop games. For example, last year, during the NGJ 2009, we developed the 5 Minute MMORPG.

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However, now it is time to sign-up for NGJ 2010, which will take place January 29 – 31 at IT University of Copenhagen. The board of IGDA announced the sign-up two weeks ago, and we are looking forward to participating again. Maybe we’ll make another crazy game…

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In addition, we are helping IGDA to organize a pre-party for all the NGJ participants that will take place in Scrollbar at ITU on the 28th of January, the day before the NGJ starts. Our plan is to have a DJ and VJ set from well known indie game developers and to create a cozy atmosphere for the participants to socialize and network before the event starts. Exciting!!!

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More details about the NGJ pre-party will follow later.

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