Dark Room Sex Game @ Playful and Playable

Dark Room Sex Game is going to be on exhibit at the “Playful and Playable” showcase in Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain. The showcase is organized by Proyecto Amarika Proiektua, and takes place from June 24 to September 15.

This is of course exciting news, but to be honest we’re also a little apprehensive. We never quite finished the game. In particular, it’s very difficult to get the Wiimote mode working reliably (we built the game on a somewhat unstable, now-defunct Wiimote API). Well, we hope it works!

For years now, we’ve been meaning to polish the game, or at least make it easier to play it with Wiimotes. Beyond that, we’d like to return to erotic game design some day. We’ve always wanted to re-design Dark Room Sex Game for mobile devices, and we have a number of other crazy ideas. Problem is, it can be difficult to imagine a stable future for such games, at least commercially, when adult content is so frowned upon in these kinds of distribution channels (e.g. Apple’s iTunes store).

Still, immediate sales opportunities or no, it’s clear to me that erotic game design deserves further exploration, especially in non-commercial contexts like game jams, museums, and festival exhibitions. Here’s hoping we find the time – sooner rather than later!

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