Erotic game tip: Space Phallus

As a token effort towards putting the bi-weekly back in the cphgc erotic game blogging, I’ve been asked to do a short post on an erotic game. Since I’m not much of an erotic gamer myself, I’ve chosen to give a short overview of a game that’s, if not erotic, at least containing some adult imagery.

The game is Space Phallus from Charlie’s Games. Trailer here:

Basically, what we have here is a short, side-scrolling shmup. Gameplay-wise, its main strength is that its gentle difficulty curve is just right. You can scrape by with relatively normal reflexes, but it’s just hard enough that you’ll have to work out your strategies to get to the end. (I’m referring to the first level here, the newest version includes a few more that were added later and are harder.) I’ve seen a few people, even non-gamers, get really stubborn about winning it, and usually succeed in one sitting. It’s a solid short-form game.

So what’s erotic about it? Not much. Though the game would be rated AO, I’d hesitate to even call its subject matter adult. Juvenile would be a better description.

You see, it’s full of cocks. Every enemy you encounter is some variation of flaccid penis, erect penis, scrotum, or spermatozoa, often fused with some form of machinery. That’s not remotely erotic or arousing, but it does provide a sort of combined schoolyard gigglyness and shock-value in a game that ends before that particular trick gets old. The types of enemies are dispensed in a progression of not only functionally different, but more and more outrageous forms. Upon reaching a new wave or mini-boss, my first thought was consistently “Oh no he didn’t!”. Especially the main boss is fitting if you know your gaming history.

Add to that that the game has deliciously retro graphics, runs on Win/Lin/Mac, plays out of the box with your gamepad (even X360 on Mac), has a rocking chip soundtrack, and is free. Really, there’s no excuse to not give this one a go, erotic or not.

About the only thing I’d wish for is a local high-score, so you get to see your name in at least one place.

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