Playmakers in Maldives

The Playmakers in Maldives was a project initiated by the Maldivian game designer and Copenhagen Game Collective member Amani Naseem. It was involving the development of street games and playful interventions in the streets of Maldives capital, Male. The games were played in public spaces around Male and was show in the Museum of Everything at the Venice Biennale as the The Maldives Exodus Caravan Show. The project was a collaboration with international game designers:  Patrick Jarnfelt, Andrea Hasselager, Ida Marie Toft, Sidsel Marie Hermansen, Lena Mechchanova, Joe Ahearn, Kunal Gupta, Viktor Bedö and William Drew.

The games what were developed and run in Malé were: Maldives Trading, Operation Noose, The Hunt for the Yellow Banana, Jelly Plop, Poisoned Sea, Jelly Stomp, The Goat Herder and his Fainting Goats, Dreams in the Bottle.

Patrick was live blogging about his experiences during the stay in Maldives. Read the blog posts about it here:

Some of the games will be shown at the Festival for Play and Games in Copenhagen: w00t 2014


Patirck Jarnfelt @ GDC Europe – Playmakers in Maldives

Amani Naseem @ Plaython – Playmakers in Maldives

William Drew – Killscreen – Can a giant banana save the world