Nifflas in Copenhagen!

Our friend Nifflas, game designer extraordinaire, was in Copenhagen this month for the Nordic Game Jam.

He also gave a fantastic lecture at IT University of Copenhagen’s Spring 2010 Game Lecture series.  Recorded in all its glory, here:

Game Lecture Series – Episode 1: Nicklas Nygren from itucph on Vimeo.

At the game jam, Nifflas created a brilliant game together with a small team. It’s called Find Love, and it was one of our very favorite games from the jam. The beautiful artwork, by the way, is by Steffi Degiorgio.

Well, it was a blast hanging out with him! We hope he returns soon. Meanwhile, make sure to check out his new game, Saira. I’ll try to blog some more about it in the future, but suffice to say, it’s a gem.

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