Weekend at Bernie’s

Whew – it’s been a while, blog!

Here in CPH, the lot of us have been busy. Too busy, even. Hopefully we’ll have something to show for it soon. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, you may have noticed that we’ve added Bernie Schulenburg’s Where is my Heart? to our list of featured games. Welcome to the collective, Bernie!

[singlepic id=287 w=500 h=333 float=]
Bernie shows off his B.U.T.T.O.N. paraphernalia as Gorm and Jesper look on jealously

Geez, that makes it sound more formal than it really is. Bernie shares an office with us and has been part of our “family” for a long time now, so it was only natural that we bring him into the fold more officially.

[singlepic id=258 w=480 h=272 float=]

We’re crazy excited for Bernie’s game, which is going to be released on the PlayStation Portable sometime later this year. In case you didn’t know, Where is my Heart? was an IGF finalist back in 2009. You can try the old IGF demo here.

But as awesome as the IGF build was, the new version is going to be even better – I know because I’ve seen the sneak peak at the office! The new version will feature art by Nils Deneken and music from Alessandro Coronas. I couldn’t think of a better team for the job!

[singlepic id=286 w=400 h=400 float=]
Fortunately, Bernie is not actually dead

Did I mention that I’m excited? Get your PSP ready…

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