Seattle, Plaid, and CPH Game Collective

Hello from Seattle!

Being here sure is a trip down memory lane! I’ve been busy reminiscin’ all week, and I’m burning to share this Plaid tune:

See, the last time I was in Seattle was two years ago, when some of us traveled to IndieCade 2008 to present Dark Room Sex Game. Arguably, that trip provided the spark that would eventually lead to the formation of the Copenhagen Game Collective. It was during that trip, after reconnecting with the gang (Dajana, Lau, Lars, Kennett), that I started seriously considering moving back to Denmark (I would, three months later); it was during that trip we formulated the idea behind Tryl; and it was during that trip that we first met Nils, vowing to do a collaborative project together some day (we have since done three projects together).

On the final night of the festival, the organizers threw a small party for the developers. IndieCade was a very intimate, small-scale event back then, so the party was charmingly impromptu and do-it-yourself. Nils volunteered to play DJ for the night and so, after scrambling to find the right audio cables, he put on one of his famous mixtapes.

His opening track was Plaid’s “White’s Dream” from the Tekkonkinkreet OST (see above). And what an opening track! It’s the kind of music that just oozes the promise of opportunity. To this day, the tune gives me this feeling that anything is possible, that magic really does exist.

Suffice to say, the instant I heard the beat drop, I knew I had to spend more time with this Nils guy.

As for Tekkonkinkreet the film – embarrassingly, I have yet to see it. But to be honest, I’d almost rather not even see the film at this point. I’d like to hold on to my own vision of the song – the music video in my head.

Well, here’s to Seattle. Hopefully I’ll be back again soon!

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