Weekly Music Tip: Into the 90s, Summer Evening

Here’s a perfect beat for hot summer nights in the city:

That’s Photek, all the way back from 1994. Man, it brings back memories. I’ve had this beat on repeat as I sit here and try to get some work done.

Coldcut picks up on this same beat on his legendary 70 Minutes of Madness mix. He drops it in my very favorite part of the mix:

That whole segment is just so brilliant. It starts with Luke Slater’s “Grace” – one of the great ambient techno tunes of all time – mixed together with a cheesy but beautiful Joanna Law song. Then, after some Harold Budd (man, what a perfect bridge), Coldcut eventually settles into the Photek beat. Those “summer evening, summer evening” samples he throws into the mix really nail the whole vibe of that track. Perfection.

And I love how Coldcut ends that segment by bringing back the Photek beat over an old BDP cut. It colors that rap in such a wonderful way.

Summer evening indeed.

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