Playdate: May 15, Show us what you are working on!

The Copenhagen Game Collective, in collaboration with PlayIT CPH and the Local Multiplayer Picnic, are hosting the first Playdate. An afternoon, which will turn into an evening, where anybody can come present their pet project, play with each others’, mingle and drink beer.

Have this really fun 4 player game but you don’t have any friends? Need some input on a writers block? Looking for a job, or have a job to offer? Just want to play some games? Come to Playdate on May 15th, it’s absolutely free!

where: Scrollbar, ITU (Rued Langgaards Vej 7  2300 København)
when: May 15th, from 16:00 and onwards
what: Show us what you are working on! Bring projects, demos, anything.
contactContact me, Joon, if you need anything special or have a question:

There is a Facebook event right here, if you like social media.

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