Yonderplay is a brand new format for showing games that go beyond of where games have gone before. We’re hosting a very cozy day at Nordic Game 2018 that showcases games that break the rules, games that redefine what games can be, and games that have a, possibly tiny, spark of novelty that changes everything.

More specifically, we are looking for games that:

  • Have a simple but groundbreaking idea and execute on it (e.g. Fingle)
  • Revive or invigorate an existing genre (e.g. 80 Days)
  • Are personal and expressive games (e.g. Depression Quest)
  • Feature mechanics that affect you in real life (e.g. Pokemon Go)
  • Use game mechanics against you (e.g. What the Golf?)
  • Are so obscure we don’t even know what we are looking at but it’s great (e.g. Caves of Qud)

You don’t have to have a financially successful game but it has to be playable. It can be unreleased or have been released in 2017 or 2018. At least one member of the team has to come from the Nordic Region.

If your game gets selected, you will exhibit your game at the Nordic Game Conference 2018. You will also have a 10 minute show-and-tell presentation, where we would love you to present this one thing that sets your game apart from all other games out there. Tell the audience what rule you broke. There are no slides. You will have your game as background and talk over it. It’s show – don’t tell (or a little bit of both).

Here’s all the information you might want.

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