We are pleased to announce the 4th annual Nordic Game Indie Night showcase and summit in collaboration with Nordic Game Conference. The purpose of the showcase is to call attention to talented indie developers from around the Nordic region. Last year’s showcase featured a variety of different indies and their awesome games, and over 400 attendees.

We are looking forward to another amazing NGIN showcase and therefore we would like to announce an open call for game submissions.  Are you an indie developer based in the Nordic region? Are you working on a game that’s innovative, special, fun, or noteworthy in some way?  Submit it! We want to see it!

To submit your game, submit the following info here:

  • Title and description of the game
  • Links to screenshots/video/demo
  • Background about you or your team, including where you’re based

The submission deadline is Friday, March 22nd.

We’ll send out notifications by late April.

The showcase will take place in Malmö, Sweden, on May 22nd as a part of the 2013 Nordic Game Conference. The Nordic Game Indie Night will feature games showcase, indie summit and a party featuring live music. The event is free and open to the public. The audience will choose the 2013 “Nordic Indie Sensation” award from the finalists games. More detailed program of the night will be announced later. (For further updates, watch this blog or follow us on Twitter).


What does it cost me to submit?

Nothing! Submission is freeMoreover, you keep all the IP rights and so forth. If you’re selected, the only thing we ask is that you allow us to demo the game on the showfloor, and send someone from your team to present at the conference

What will be expected of me at the conference?

We want to nurture some “indie spirit” at the event by getting the developers to showcase their games at the Indie Night. We also encourage the developers to stay in Malmø during the Nordic Game conference and showcase their games on the conference expo floor.

Does my game have to be finished?
No. Prototypes are fine. Your game doesn’t even need to be polished. But it must be playable, in some way.

What if my game has already been released?
That’s OK, as long as it was only released within the last year or so.

What counts as “Nordic”?

The only stipulation is that your team is based in the Nordic region: Denmark, Finland, Faeroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, or the Åland Islands. That said, you and your team donot have to be ethnically Nordic. You don’t even need to carry passports from a Nordic country. Are you a German living in Iceland? No problem. Are you a Chilean living in Denmark, working with an artist back in Santiago? No problem.

What counts as “game”?
We won’t be so choosy about what constitutes a “game.” If it’s interactive and playful, it’s likely that it qualifies. If anything, we’re very interested in projects that push the boundaries of traditional games.

What counts as “indie”?
Again, a difficult question. Honestly, the term is a little meaningless. Everyone seems to have a different definition. Our answer is, we’ll know “indie” when we see it. If you’re not a AAA company and you’re not working with a major publisher, chances are you do indeed qualify as “indie.”

What count as “night”?

Wait, what?! That’s it, you’re disqualified.

Any other questions? Send us an email:

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