NG16 Indie Sensation Award nominees

NG16 Indie Sensation Award nominees

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The biggest overall change to this year’s Nordic Game conference, 18-20 May, in Malmö, Sweden is that the popular Indie Night event has been expanded to an entire Indie Day & Showcase on 20 May, dedicated to the vibrant indie scene in the Nordic region and abroad.

Highlight of this new format is the Indie Sensation Award, handed to one of the eight indie games selected by Copenhagen Game Collective.

The 2016 Indie Sensation Award nominees are:

Wartile, by Playwood Project (Denmark)
Wartile is a unique digital table-top game, where you lead your band of miniature figurines to battle on gorgeous diorama battle boards.

Figment, by Bedtime Digital Games (Denmark)
A “dream-punk” Zelda-like adventure game with musical elements (“musical” as in the characters actually sing and dance!).

Klang, by Tinimations (Norway)
Named “SXSW’s most interesting indie” by Polygon writer Brian Crecente, Klang is an innovative take on traditional rhythm games that pushes the genre beyond pressing buttons to tempo into a world of fast-paced exploration, platforming and combat.

Fugl, by Team Fugl (Norway)
Fugl is an exploration game where you role-play as a bird in beautiful “voxel” worlds, interacting with the environment and its inhabitants to uncover portals to new levels.

Through the Woods, by Antagonist (Norway)
Through the Woods, a third-person Norse horror adventure set in a forest on the western shore of Norway, is about a mother and her missing son. Through reactive narration, you play the mother’s re-telling of the events surrounding her son’s disappearance, in a setting heavily inspired by Norse mythology and Norwegian folk tales.

ClusterTruck, by LandFall Games (Sweden)
ClusterTruck is a parkour/free-running game where you jump between speeding trucks, hoping to God not to fall off before you get to the goal.

Clapper, by Bridgeside Interactive (Sweden)
Clapper is all about fun for the whole family, with a focus on children. Clapper introduces music and rhythm in new, amusing and interesting ways never seen before; and with four different difficulty levels, Clapper suits both beginners and rhythm game veterans.

Neon Chrome, by 10tons (Finland)
Neon Chrome is a top-down cyberpunk shooter with rogue-like elements, including procedural levels and ruthless gameplay. Blast your way through with guns, explosives and cybernetic abilities. Destroy whole floors and finally defeat the “Overseer”!

Play & Vote!
All Nordic Game 2016 attendees will be able to play the eight nominated games during the conference and vote for their favorite. The winner will be revealed on the evening of 20 May in the Dining Hall of NG16 venue Slagthuset – and will also receive a 7-inch Netsurfer 4G dual-sim tablet, courtesy of our sponsors Ixty. The Netsurfer tablet is a high quality, Google-certified tablet manufactured by “indie” mobile tech company Future Mobile Technology.

Besides all this, Indie Day also includes:

Indie Day Program
Created in cooperation with Copenhagen Game Collective, the Indie Day program features a strong line-up of some of the hottest and most interesting indie names. Speakers include Vander Caballero (Papo & Yo), Alen Ladavac (The Talos Principle) and Martin Fasterholdt, gameplay designer at Danish Playdead. Check out all the Indie Day sessions on 20 May righthere!

Indie Discovery Session
Selected independent Nordic developers as well as representatives from the global game development community will present their projects to a string of publishers and investors in the Indie Discovery Session at NG16.

NG16 Indie Showcase
On 20 May, part of the NG16 Dining Hall will be transformed into the Indie Game Showcase area, where you can try exciting new indie games and meet their developers.

Party Time!
Nordic Game 2016 Indie Day will culminate with a final after-party in the evening. Full of games, fun and surprises, this is not to be missed!

Welcome to Indie Day
All Indie Day events are accessible to NG16 conference pass holders – but you can also buy stand-alone tickets to Nordic Indie Day for only 60 EUR each – right here!



Now that Nordic Game has announced the nominees, we would like to give some attention to the people who helped us make the tough decisions.

As we announced earlier, the Collective returns to Nordic Game bigger and better than ever, with Nordic Game Indie Day. The Indie Sensation award will be part of the Nordic Game awards yet again, and as always we got excellent help from our external curators. These people volunteered their time and attention to look at your games and help us make a selection for the showcase at the conference, as well as finalists for the Indie Sensation award.

Thanks to all of you, as well as the internal members of the Copenhagen Game Collective themselves.


Andrew Brophy (AU)

Andrew Brophy is a game designer from Melbourne, currently working on an big RPG called Knuckle Sandwich. He’s also responsible for starting Braingale.


Annakaisa Kultima (FI)

Annakaisa Kultima is a president of Finnish Game Jam, a non-profit organization supporting jam culture and the game creation hobby in Finland. She has also been an active member of Global Game Jam as the head of Theme Committee. Annakaisa has been active in game jam scene from 2010 as a coordinator, organizer and participant – she has been jamming for instance at Train Jam 2014 and 2016. From 2011 she has been part of the Nordic Game Program expert group deciding on the annual funding of Nordic games. As a day job, she has been studying the creative processes of game developers at the University of Tampere, Finland since 2006. She teaches game research, design research and game design at the University of Tampere and gives visiting lectures all over the world.



Ben Nizan (UK)

Ben is a game designer participating in Kongregate’s experimental games incubator – Launchpad X – with his latest project: Petri Dish. Previously he was a games writer for a casual RPG called Here Be Monsters and released his first mobile game, Hexderity, in summer 2015. Recently, he helped facilitate games/installations at Now Play This – part of the London Games Festival.


Jana Karlikova (SE)

Jana Karlikova is the General Manager of Stugan, a world-class games accelerator in the middle of the Swedish woods. She has been there from the beginning and has helped build this unique project, which brings together talented game developers from all over the world and lets them work on their projects in an isolated place.


Joel Nystrom (SE)

Joel is a cute guy in his prime years, he likes walks on the beach and to cozy up in front of Netflix with a chillpill. His favorite interests are TV, hanging with friends and crossdressing.


Johan Toresson (SE)

At the moment: Business Developer/COO and “that guy with the beard” at the Gameport Incubator. Somewhat in charge of the Creative Coast Festival. Before that: Carpenter, social anthropologist, tattoo/piercing studio manager, marauder at Studio Total.


Johannes Gunnar (IS)

Noiseician, Game developer and a farmer. Responsible for Kollafoss Gamedev Residency, Isolation Game Jam, Þ Kollektiv, void Ziz(); and Leikjasamsuðan.


Martin Kvale (NO)

Martin Kvale does sound, norwegian sound. He has worked on Among The Sleep, Teslagrad, Progress to 100, Dreamfall Chapters and The Plan. At the moment he is knee deep in cool and weird projects, and loves good food and friends.


Mattis Delerud (NO)

Mattis is a male man from Norway who used to make video games. He used to work as a producer and a designer of games. He quit making video games, to instead make YouTube videos about video games, where he plays them, while SIMULTANEOUSLY commenting over them (that be pretty hard). Mattis appreciates games that can offer something new to the table or screen, or that presents something well established in a new light. Any game is worth every minute. Experimentation is key. Fun is ALWAYS a valid excuse.


Xavier Lafont (DK)

Xavier is a game developer interested in JRPG’s, local multiplayer games, bright colors, Haxe, workflows, game menus, and things. He earned his Master’s degree in games from Copenhagen’s ITU, where he also served as an Assistant Lecturer. He currently works at MovieStarPlanet, a studio that makes social games for tweens. On the side, he’s been working on a retro local multiplayer game, THE MISSION, which was nominated for a previous Nordic Game Indie Sensation Award.

Zuraida Buter

Zuraida Buter (NL)

Zuraida Buter is a playful culture curator and vine master based in the Netherlands. She curates, initiates, consults and documents events focused on playful culture and games. She brings people together for creative creation and playful experiences.

She is founder of playful culture organisation zo-ii and regularly speaks about playful culture, game jams and collaboration at conferences and festivals worldwide. She co-founded Playful Arts Festival in the Netherlands, which aims to explore and showcase the cross-overs between different fields of art, play, interaction, technology and design.

Previously she initiated indie games showcase INDIGO in the Netherlands and was worldwide Executive Director of the Global Game Jam.

At festivals & events, Zuraida can regularly be seen with a vine device or camera in her hand to document the moment.

OPEN CALL: 7th Annual Indie Showcase and Nordic Indie Day

Nordic Game Indie Night 2015. Photo credit Gemma Thompson

Nordic Game Indie Night 2015. Photo credit Gemma Thompson

We are pleased to announce the 7th Annual Indie Night Showcase, and the new Nordic Indie Day in collaboration with Nordic Game Conference.

That’s right, Nordic Indie Night has grown to a full Indie Day and we are looking forward to spending a whole day surrounded by inspiring games and people, having important discussions and creating a lot of fun!

Of course there will be a party!


The Indie Night showcase has been celebrating the variety of exciting indie projects from the Nordic region for the last 7 years, so if you have been working on something extraordinary lately we want to see it!

The Open Call is CLOSED! The deadline for submissions was 23:59 on the 1st April.

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We’re going to Amaze-a – we’re gonna have a party, wowowow

Just a little update. A lot of the members are going to A Maze festival in Berlin to show the projects they are working on and hanging out. Some of them are even nominated in different categories. Mads, Joon and Jonas from Glitchnap are showing their new Sentree (previously Zumbie) that I’m looking forward to see the progress on. Speaking of progress. Tim Garbos’ new mobile game project; progress that is very dear to the hearts of us here in the collective will also be shown. And in the WTF category we have the erotic drawing experience (game?); Cunt touch this. You guys all A-maze me!

And other than that, there will be many other friends of the collective there. Looking forward to hangout out with you all and play your games. See you soon.



Dark Room Sex Game at Pixelporno

Quick note if you’re in or around Linz, Austria – swing by Pixelporno 0.2 where Dark Room Sex Game will be exhibited.


About Our Safer Space Policy!!!

*** Merry Christmas everyone! ***

We have started the preparations for the Nordic Game Pre-party and this is one of the very first things we want to get in place: announcing of our Safer Space Policy. It is now official and will from now on be executed and can be referred to in all events we are responsible for.

The Safer Space Policy is here because we want to make sure that you know that if something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable at one of our events, no matter how minor it seems, you are encouraged to report it to us.


Copenhagen Game Collective works voluntarily to create an inspiring and cultivating environment of experimental and diverse game making. Every event we make is an effort in creating a space for experimental makers, players, critics and thinkers to meet, discuss and find inspiration. And every event we make is an invitation to new people to get involved because we believe that game creation is a social activity. In this social space diversity and difference is key. Every weird experiment, every new perspective and every unique contribution enriches our medium. Games are excellent platforms for individual expressivity, – humour, joy, stories, fear and hopes, weirdness, silliness and anger – and it ought to be a platform for everyone.

Although we are lucky and proud of the vibrant scene of experimental game making in and around Copenhagen we know we can do better. Situated in the Danish and Scandinavian culture we tend to deal with social problems in discrete and informal ways. We do appreciate the trust this signals, however, incidents of harassment and participants feeling uncomfortable at game events is a call for a more formal procedure. We actively want to reach more diverse audiences than the typical white male gamer maker and we want those audiences to feel safe and welcome. We believe an effort to create a safer space is a good first step.

We need your help to make this happen
1. We would like to hear from you, our guests and participants at previous events. If you have experienced anything that made you feel uncomfortable, or if you have any suggestions to what would make Copenhagen Game Collective run safer events please fill out this form: – we hope feedback from you will continuously help us improve policies and attitudes that make everybody feel welcome.
2. While we hope to form the best policy based on feedback from you, we don’t want to wait. We will from now on have our best shot at a Safer Space Policy publicized at our website (at the bottom of this blog post), we will make sure to direct attention to this policy in our communication about events, and we will take steps to internally educate all volunteers at the Collective about these policies so they know what steps to take in any given situation.

Game culture has for years been charged with sexism, racism, discrimination and harassment of various kinds. Members of the Collective are dealing with this on a regular basis and we have no reason to believe that this is any different for the guests at our events. Although we cannot guarantee a space free of discrimination and harassment, we officially encourage everyone to change this together. Please speak up if you experience any form of discrimination or harassment – whether this is targeted at yourself or someone else. Please join us to enforce the Safer Space Policy!


Our Safer Space Policy
Copenhagen Game Collective is dedicated to fostering a safe-space environment at all our events: this means creating a space where all people, of any orientation, gender identity, and race, are respected, accepted and welcome. Harassment is not tolerated.
Harassment includes offensive verbal comments — related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, antisemitism, language, or otherwise — deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. Guests asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

If a guest engages in harassing behavior, Collective members may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from our events. No refunds will be offered in the case of expulsion from a paid event.
Attendance at Copenhagen Game Collective events implies that the participants agree to, and will abide by, these rules.
If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a Safer Space Ambassador, recognizable by a Safer Space button, see image.

Safer Space Ambassadors are ready to help out in any possible way, e.g. contacting venue security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the events.

Whilst we would like to feel that we offer an environment in which you can voice concerns about incidents as and when they happen we also welcome you to reach out to us to inform us of past harassment or incidents related to our events which made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

We value your attendance!


Local law enforcement: [Emergency](+45) 112 [non-emergency] (+45) 114
Local sexual assault hot-line: Danners Krisecenter, open for personal advice all days between 11-14.30
[Adress] Nansensgade 1, 1366 København K
[Phone hotline] +45 3333 0047
For injuries or sudden illness: (+45) 1813
Local taxi company: +45 35 35 35 35

***Note for safe/anonymous reports of harassment***

We believe people should feel safe in reporting issues of harassment. When contacting collective members, by word or mail, your reports will stay anonymous unless otherwise stated. Your privacy is of utmost importance.
We can be reached at:
The text for this policy is adapted from

Virtuoso release event


Friend of the Collective Anders Monrad will shortly be releasing his app Virtuoso for the iPhone. Virtuoso is a gestural music app with unusually (for a phone app) deep sound generation possibilities. The app is curated by Haandholdt. It is also delightfully dance-like in use.

On this coming Thursday at five, Nikolaj Kunsthal is hosting a release event. Here, you’ll be able to hear the app in concert, and listen to Monrad in an artist talk with – and this is quite a scoop – composer Fuzzy Danish electronic music-grand old man.

Here it is in action:


The audience favorite at the 5th Nordic Game Indie Night during the 10th Nordic Game Conference was Among the sleep, by Krillbite. Thanks to all participants, nominees, the winners and everybody who voted, as well as Nordic Game for having us. And thank you for attending the Nordic Game Indie Night live, and supporting us in experimenting with talks, giving the stage to projects and people that we think deserve the spotlight.
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NGIN 2014 Finalists

Whew! This year the Nordic Indie Sensation had almost a hundred game submissions. The jury included CPHGC members, past winners as well as game thinkers and critics; their task has been to evaluate each entrant on its own merits. When selecting for a category as nebulous as “Indie Sensation”, even without taking the diversity of submitted games into account, that has been a challenge. An exciting one.

Just like every year, we have no intention of promoting our shortlist  as “The Eight Best Nordic Indie Games”. We have instead tried to celebrate the diversity that we found in the submissions – you’ll find larger and smaller projects, made by newly established as well as experienced studios, released and in development. In this competition, we are not looking for what is on top of the ladder, rather we go digging for the creamy filling which sits at the core of exactly what Nordic indie games are to us. Common to all of them is that they have a hearty experimental core, that they try for something out of the ordinary, be it a novel aestethic, a twist on an old mechanic, a fresh narrative, or are just so plain well-tuned that they bowled us over.

They all do what they set out to do, and they do it well. Common to all of them is that they are worth showcasing and celebrating.

Now, as for the submissions that didn’t make the nominees list, we have no doubts that we’ll see quite a few of the teams or games in the regular Nordic Game Awards in the years to come. Time may yet prove that we missed some real sensations – but we’ll gladly be proven wrong.

As the dust is settling, it’s obvious to us that Nordic indie games are alive and well, and that there exists a healthy diversity in geography, scope, budgets, target demographics, development methods and company structures. Not to mention stuff like game design sensibility, genre (or not), aesthetic goals and artistic intent.

Again, thanks for all the submissions!

The 2014 Nordic Game Indie Sensation Award Nominees:

Among The Sleepby Krillbite (Norway)

Chronologyby osao games (Denmark)

else { Heart.break() }, by Erik Svedäng, Niklas Åkerblad, Tobias Sjögren, Oscar Rydelius (Sweden)

Future Unfolding, by Spaces Of Play (Sweden)

Goat Simulator, by Coffee Stain Studios (Sweden)

ORBITby 4Bit Games (Norway)

Savant – Ascentby D-Pad Studio (Norway)

Shiftlings,  by Rock Pocket Games (Norway)

The eight selected games will be showcased Wednesday May 21st from 18.00 at Slagthuset, Malmö. One of the games will be selected by public voting during the night to receive the “Indie Sensation Award” at the Nordic Game Awards May 22nd. The evening is free and open to the public and will features inspirational and experimental speakers. We will release more information about the program for the evening in the following weeks, stay tuned.

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Interview about a yellow banana

Writing our retrospective blog post made me think about the trip to the Maldives. Besides us in the collective, there were also other game designers that were doing other cool stuff. Andrea Hasselager, that I had the opportunity to work with since, and William Drew were also part of the team. They were working on another project that I was only marginally involved in, but very fascinated by. They were doing a performative game about a human size banana.

I have my own ideas and thoughts about my work in the Maldives, but I wanted to know more about her experiences there. That’s why I interviewed her for this blog post and you can read about it here:

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