Interview about a yellow banana

Writing our retrospective blog post made me think about the trip to the Maldives. Besides us in the collective, there were also other game designers that were doing other cool stuff. Andrea Hasselager, that I had the opportunity to work with since, and William Drew were also part of the team. They were working on another project that I was only marginally involved in, but very fascinated by. They were doing a performative game about a human size banana.

I have my own ideas and thoughts about my work in the Maldives, but I wanted to know more about her experiences there. That’s why I interviewed her for this blog post and you can read about it here:

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We’re going to the Maldives – day 0

Yay! We got invited to participate in this cool game design trip to the Maldives.

Amani Naseem of the Collective has invited a group of international game designers to go and design games and make playful events in the capital city of the Maldives, Malé. We will work with key artists, thinkers and organizers in the Maldives and create a playful event in the public spaces of Malé.

Image courtesy of Ida Marie Toft

There are more reasons why we go to the Maldives of all places in the world. Firstly; Amani is from there. She has family there.and knows a lot of the local community. Secondly, Amani was invited to join the Maldivian pavilion for this year’s Venice Biennale and decided to invite designers to do collaborative game design events in the Maldives and in Venice.

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Nordic Game Jam Pre-jam Party 2013

Nordic Game Jam is coming up really soon and Copenhagen Game Collective, as always, is hosting a pre-party the day before.

This year we have packed more activities into the program. There will be lots of music, social and physical games, so put your social gloves on and get down to Sydhavn to have some fun and meet some people before the big event!

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Nordic Game Indie Sensation 2012: LAZA KNITEZ!

So much stuff is going on right now so we have a hard time catching up. Nordic Game Conference is over and we had a blast. We kicked off the conference by organizing an indie summit, party and exhibition the day before the main conference and over 600 people showed up.

Nordic Game 2012 -  035

Check out this video from GRTV which captures a lot of moments from the conference. 03:24: Me being hungover, 4:16: Nifflas talking about the game How the Game, and 09:45: Team Buttfighter receiving the Indie Sensation Award 2012 for their local multiplayer arcade game LAZA KNITEZ!. Team Buttfighter used the occasion on stage to knight the best LAZER KNITEZ! player in the lazerwerse, Simon Gustaffson from Redgrim.

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Street Arcade @ Distortion Program

Street Arcade @ Distortion Flyer

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The Indie Royale All-Charity Pack

Copenhagen Game Collective is proud to announce being part of the first Indie Royale All-Charity lightning pack:

In the Indie Royale All-Charity Pack, four indie developers has chosen to donate their games to you, if you choose to donate to charity of their choice. 100% of the donations (after credit cards fees) goes to charities – so what are you waiting for?

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Nordic Game Indie Night Summit

We are super excited to announce the Nordic Game Indie Night Summit. Every year we have invited the developers of the finalist games to do short presentations, which has led to wonderful and colorful talks. The sessions has always been a favorite of the audience. This is why we have expanded the talking and discussing part of Nordic Game Indie Night into a regular indie night summit.

Nordic Game Indie Night kicks off the Nordic Game Conference, and it will take place Wednesday 23 May from 18.00 at Slagthuset, Malmö. The summit runs from 19.00 – 21.00 and from 21.00 there will be partying and drinking. The selected finalist games can be played all night. The evening is free and open to the public!

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Paint Splash demo available for download again

WiiWare Paint Splash
If you still haven’t tried Paint Splash on your Nintendo Wii yet, then we have some good news for you! The free demo version of Paint Splash will be made available for download again on the Wii Shop Channel in Europe.

The feature of saving to the SD memory card is disabled in the demo version, but it still offers plenty of fun for the kids and it’s great for party games like Pictionary on your TV. Remember, you can be up to four people playing at the same time!

Nintendo have been kind enough to make it available for download again, so get it while it’s still available.

Nordic Game Indie Night 2012 – Deadline extended

Submission for Nordic Game Indie Night has been open for a month now, and already a bunch of interesting games have been submitted.

Nevertheless, we know how it is to be a game developer under pressure of tight deadlines, which is why we have chosen to extend the deadline for another 7 days to Monday, March 19th. We hope this will give you enough time to submit your game to the Indie Night. See here for details on how to submit.

Don’t forget that getting selected for the Nordic Game Indie Night will grant you travel and accommodation (for 1 person) to Malmö and a pass for the Nordic Game Conference May 23th—25th. The selected games also compete for the Indie Sensation Award during the Nordic Game Awards on May 24th.


Bonus info: We are cooking up something really special for this year’s Nordic Game Indie Night, and for the Nordic Game Conference in general! Stay tuned for updates here on the blog.

Master TF2 Spy

Best gaming video I’ve seen in a long time:

Maybe this technique is old news to you, but I’ve always been terrible at playing the spy, so watching so smooth an operator is such a joy. Team Fortress 2 is such a work of art. And these kinds of master players are clearly artists themselves. Brilliant.

Check out the rest of the video tutorial series, here.

(Thanks to our friend John for the tip!)